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APIdays London 2019

For a GraphQL event focused on finance, the upcoming API Days London is hosting a fintech-flavored event on November 14th with two GraphQL tracks. The event will have speakers from Financial Times, Fauna, Revolut and more. For the GraphQL community, the newsletter links offers a discount of over 80% off the entrance price for those just seeking to join for the GraphQL track!

Community & Events

The Guild Takes over Development of the GraphQL CLI & Other Libraries

The Guild is excited to announce that they’re taking over development of Prisma’s open source libraries graphql-cli, graphql-config, graphql-import, and graphql-binding. They explain the next steps for each of the libraries and even include links to the roadmap discussions. Find out how you can get more involved with the future development of these GraphQL libraries and the open source GraphQL community.

Meet our speakers for GraphQL Summit 2019!

Information about the speakers for GraphQL Summit 2019 is out! This blog gives a preview of the interesting talks that include over 40 speakers from companies like Github, Airbnb, Microsoft, and more. The GraphQL Summit 2019 is also offering several new scholarship programs to build a diverse and inclusive conference.

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GraphQL Day Bodensee!

Get your tickets now for GraphQL Day Bodensee! GraphQL Day Bodensee is a single-day conference focusing on the adoption of GraphQL and how to utilize GraphQL on production level. There will be talks from developers at FormidableLabs, Prisma, GatsbyJS, CodeSandbox, and more. Learn from a lineup of thought leaders and connect with other local developers and technical leaders.

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A Twitter thread of GraphQL Conf sketch notes

Take a look at this awesome Twitter thread of sketched GraphQL Conf notes. All doodled by Chris Grice! He sketched these notes out for every talk throughout the conference.

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An Instagram from the birth of GraphQL

A blast from the past! Check out this photo from the Facebook HQ in the early days of GraphQL's creation.

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GraphQL Conf schedule is now live

The GraphQL Conf schedule is now live! The event features talks by Lee Byron, Marc Andre-Giroux, Sashko Stubailo, Mirela Iclodean and many more. For more information on how to get your tickets, check out the eventbrite.

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GraphQL Summit CFP Now Open

The CFP for GraphQL Summit is live until May 24, now is the time to submit your talk! An Apollo blog post shares ideas for talks and the first group of featured speakers.

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Working on making the subreddit even more engaging, the GraphQL subreddit recently had a redesign and is always trying to have interesting GraphQL-focused conversations. This week they're trying to have even more conversations in the subreddit by asking people to share their thoughts on the articles that they link out to. With over 4,000 people hanging out there— it's always nice to be in the loop about good channels to discuss GraphQL.

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Full Stack Cast: Interviewing Lee Byron

An in depth interview with Lee Byron from the Full Stack Cast podcast, the episode dives into his personal story. The interview covers how he joined Facebook, got involved with Open Source, came up with the idea for GraphQL, and his most recent move to Robinhood. An engaging interview and very enjoyable piece!

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Last Call — Submit Your Proposals for GraphQL Europe ??

The CfP for GraphQL Europe is closing on March 31! If you're working with GraphQL, be sure to share your experience and learnings with the community by submitting a talk for the conference. First-time speakers are more than welcome!

Tickets available for GraphQL Day in Amsterdam

The tickets for GraphQL Day are now on sale! GraphQL Day is a mini-conference that's taking place on April 14 in Amsterdam. Prepare yourself for awesome speakers like by Ken Wheeler, Manjula Dube, Johannes Schickling, Sara Vieira and a lot more.

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“GraphQL Day” in Amsterdam on April 14

Need an excuse for a trip to Amsterdam? Here it comes! The GraphQL Europe team is bringing a mini-conference to the Dutch capital. Look forward to great talks by Ken Wheeler, Johannes Schickling, Martijn Walraven and a lot more. Special perk: All GraphQL Day attendees get a free ticket to attend the after-party from the ReactAmsterdam conference the day before.

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Technical Working Group videos now available on YouTube

Have you been missing out on recent GraphQL Working Group meetings? Want to catch up on the latest conversations about Incremental Delivery, GraphQL over HTTP, and Input Unions? Thanks to Benjie, now you can. He has done the onerous job of updating the GraphQL Foundation’s YouTube playlists with all the latest recordings of GraphQL Working Group meetings!

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Announcing the GraphQL Foundation ?

Lee Byron phrased it in a great way in his announcement blog post: "Today, GraphQL has been a community project longer than it was a Facebook internal project — which calls for its next evolution."

A new GraphQL foundation, hosted by the Linux Foundation, has been announced!

The foundation's goal is to create a neutral home for the GraphQL community and support GraphQL's growth and adoption, helping it become a community standard. While the details of foundation's governance are still being worked out, it is a thrilling moment to see such a community-focused organization come to life.

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GraphQL Tooling & GraphQL-Mesh With Uri Goldshtein

In this episode of GraphQLFM, Marc-André Giroux and Tony Ghita talk to Uri Goldshtein about GraphQL-Mesh, an open source project created by his team at The Guild. They also talk about open source models for business and more.

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Announcing GraphQLFM

GraphQLFM is a show about all things GraphQL. Every two weeks Marc-André Giroux (GitHub) and Tony Ghita (Twitch) talk with a GraphQL expert about different areas of GraphQL. The first episode is airing Tuesday, August 18th and the first guest is Dan Schafer, co-creator of GraphQL. Subscribe to the podcast to get some great GraphQL content brought to you by experts in the community.

Community & Events

My JavaScript Story with Johannes Schickling (Podcast)

Tune in to this episode of the My JavaScript Story podcast to learn how Johannes Schickling, founder and CEO of Graphcool/Prisma, got into programming and what he did before working with GraphQL (spoiler: building REST APIs with PHP).

React Round Up with Nikolas Burk (Podcast)

In this episode of the React Round Up podcast, Nikolas Burk discusses the differences between Graphcool and Prisma.

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