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Last Call — Submit Your Proposals for GraphQL Europe 🇪🇺

The CfP for GraphQL Europe is closing on March 31! If you're working with GraphQL, be sure to share your experience and learnings with the community by submitting a talk for the conference. First-time speakers are more than welcome!

Tickets available for GraphQL Day in Amsterdam

The tickets for GraphQL Day are now on sale! GraphQL Day is a mini-conference that's taking place on April 14 in Amsterdam. Prepare yourself for awesome speakers like by Ken Wheeler, Manjula Dube, Johannes Schickling, Sara Vieira and a lot more.

Community & Events

“GraphQL Day” in Amsterdam on April 14

Need an excuse for a trip to Amsterdam? Here it comes! The GraphQL Europe team is bringing a mini-conference to the Dutch capital. Look forward to great talks by Ken Wheeler, Johannes Schickling, Martijn Walraven and a lot more. Special perk: All GraphQL Day attendees get a free ticket to attend the after-party from the ReactAmsterdam conference the day before.

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GraphQL Day Toronto!

A new GraphQL conference is on the horizon: GraphQL Day Toronto is a single day conference on February 28th with speakers from Github, Shopify, Amazon. Want to join the great line up? Their CFP is currently open and accepting submissions.

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Announcing GraphQL Asia

The first Asian GraphQL conference is coming this spring! Being held April 12th and 13th in Bangalore, the conference has a great speaker line up with a particular focus on the Asian GraphQL community. Organized by Hasura and BrikL , the conference's CFP is open until January 15th.

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GraphQL Conf 🚀

GraphQL Conf 2019 is officially announced! Focused on bringing together the global GraphQL community, GraphQL Conf is a non-profit conference with speakers from all around the world! Conference speakers include Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, and Mirela Iclodean. The conference will be on June 20th and 21st, 2019, in Berlin and the Call for Papers is now open! Early bird tickets are also available!

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Announcing the GraphQL Foundation 🎊

Lee Byron phrased it in a great way in his announcement blog post: "Today, GraphQL has been a community project longer than it was a Facebook internal project — which calls for its next evolution."

A new GraphQL foundation, hosted by the Linux Foundation, has been announced!

The foundation's goal is to create a neutral home for the GraphQL community and support GraphQL's growth and adoption, helping it become a community standard. While the details of foundation's governance are still being worked out, it is a thrilling moment to see such a community-focused organization come to life.

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CodePen Podcast: GraphQL

The hosts of the CodePen podcast cover why they moved to GraphQL and share their implementation with Apollo. The podcast dives deep into the technical choices the team made and the current state of their app— a fascinating listen to learn more about GraphQL in production.

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Prisma: GraphQL Infrastructure with Soren Bramer Schmidt

On the Software Engineering Daily Podcast, Søren Bramer Schmidt, the CTO and co-founder of Prisma, outlines the vision of Prisma as a data layer and discusses the benefits of using GraphQL as the query layer

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Going GraphQL at GopherCon UK

Chris Biscardi covers the benefits of GraphQL over REST in his talk at GopherCon UK. He offers an introduction to GraphQL overall and highlights some tools and tips to working with GraphQL in the Go Ecosystem.

Preview More Complete Workflows for Issues in GraphQL

Github has just released a fuller Issue API that uses GraphQL. You can see all of the available new objects in their docs and they are seeking feedback on the interactions. Let them know what you think!

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GraphQL at NebraskaJS

This talk from NebraskaJS by Dustin Schau is aimed to get you up to speed with GraphQL. First touching on how current REST based applications are built, Dustin then goes deep into GraphQL fundamentals and even shows off how you can integrate GraphQL in your client applications.

Learning GraphQL

This post from Eve Porcello of Moon Highway goes over an overview of their new book Learning GraphQL. Alex Banks and Eve have spent countless hours researching, working with, and writing about GraphQL to ensure that students and readers grasp GraphQL fundamentals. If people have a great experience learning, they’ll get excited about working with GraphQL. Check out their book now!

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ngAir - GraphQL With Bonnie Brennan

In this episode of ngAir, Bonnie Brennan walks through the ins and outs of GraphQL. From explaining the initial concepts of GraphQL she moves on to breaking down GraphQL clients, diving straight into Angular Apollo. Lastly, stick to the end to hear about some awesome tools to help your engineering workflow.

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Everything You Need to Know About GraphQL in 3 Components

This talk from React Rally by Eve Porcello is one of the most entertaining and informational talks on GraphQL we've ever seen! Check out this amazing speaker as she explains what every React developer needs to know in 3 components.

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GraphQL Glossary & FAQ guide

The GraphQL Glossary is a handy cheat sheet to help provide an accessible reference for learning GraphQL. The FAQ is for engineers who need answers to problems that you come across when building GraphQL applications. It’s a living guide and will constantly be updated as more product teams experience GraphQL.

JS Party: "REST easy, GraphQL is here" with John Resig

In this episode of JS Party, John Resig explains the evolution of front-end architecture at Khan Academy. He talks a lot about the growth of front-end systems at Khan Academy from REST to GraphQL. Jerod and Suz talk with John about his experiences with GraphQL at Khan Academy, some of the mistakes and successes using GraphQL, his feelings on jQuery, and community Q&A.

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Sara Vieira - Live Coding GraphQL with Prisma

Watch as Sara Vieira lives codes a Prisma GraphQL backend and connects it to a React JS frontend. This talk was held at the JAMStack Portugal meetup.

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Getting a grip on GraphQL

In this talk Annyce Davis discusses the basics of GraphQL. She explains that instead of relying on a predetermined output structure from your API, you can “query” it and choose only the fields that are necessary. In this talk at Kotliners 2018, she teaches what GraphQL is all about and how you can take advantage of it in your applications.

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Watch all talks from GraphQL Europe 2018

GraphQL Europe 2018 had brilliant talks from top companies like Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Docker, Shopify, Prisma & more. You can now watch all of them on the Prisma Youtube channel. In case you couldn’t make it in person or want to refresh your memory, you can now watch all the amazing talks from the conference!

GraphQL Finland Speakers

GraphQL Finland is on October 18-19, 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. This event consists of a workshop day and a day of talks exploring GraphQL in depth. GraphQL Finland is organized by the same team that brought you React Finland. Register now to listen to talks from Dan Schafer, Mikhail Novikov, Sara Vieira and much more!