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A Twitter thread of GraphQL Conf sketch notes

Take a look at this awesome Twitter thread of sketched GraphQL Conf notes. All doodled by Chris Grice! He sketched these notes out for every talk throughout the conference.


GraphQL: The Documentary (Official Release)

Watch the official release of “GraphQL: The Documentary” starring Lee Byron, Dan Schafer, Nick Schrock, and other big names from the GraphQL community! The documentary explores the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it’s having on tech companies worldwide. It does a great job capturing the community and the creation of GraphQL from multiple perspectives.


Top Takeaways from GraphQL Conf 2019

A great summary of the GraphQL Conf 2019 and Prisma Day that includes resources on what was discussed, showcased, released, and any other notable tools/concepts. The post highlights some key takeaways and comments on the state of the GraphQL community.

GraphQL & Caching: The Elephant in the Room

In this article, Marc-André Giroux offers a deeper understanding of GraphQL’s limitations in terms of caching. He investigates how HTTP caching, server-side caching, and application side caching all have different effects on how cacheable GraphQL really is. The article is a preview of his upcoming book which will dive into solutions to the GraphQL caching problem.

There and Back Again, A GraphQL Lifecycle Tale

This blog post helps explain and visualize the lifecycle of a GraphQL request and server response. The post details the path from when the client sends a request to how the server parses and then resolves the expected response.