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How Product Hunt structures GraphQL Mutations

Learn how Product Hunt maintains a consistent structure for organizing GraphQL mutations with their naming conventions and mutation shape. The blog discusses how to handle Relay compatibility, GraphQL node and error fields, and response aliases. Product Hunt shares the frontend and backend tooling that supports these mutations and allows developers to focus more on business logic.

React Apollo vs Redux + REST: Implementing the same feature twice

This article offers some insight into the benefits and drawbacks of using Redux with REST calls versus using React Apollo with GraphQL. Gytis Vinclovas from Wix Engineering created this experiment to test the two client stacks and the differences in data loading, calling APIs, updating local states, and overall flexibility of each tool.

Why GraphQL

This detailed article explains the reasons and motivations behind the adoption of GraphQL at Managed by Q. It documents the engineering team’s process of rebuilding the bridge between data services and clients. The article not only breaks down the improvements in their architecture but also showcases the concerns the team experienced during implementation.


An Attacker's View of Serverless and GraphQL Apps

This interesting talk by Abhay Bhargav shares a hacker’s perspective on the various ways in which testers can discover and exploit serverless and GraphQL driven applications. He explains how testers can compromise sensitive information and gain access to database services, IAM services, and other cloud components. The talk includes a few demos that demonstrate how practical attacks can be carried out on your Serverless and GraphQL applications.

3 Things I wish I knew when starting with GraphQL

Watch the folks from Prismic discuss some key learnings from their experience on learning GraphQL and implementing GraphQL with React. The video offers great advice for those intimidated by the unfamiliarity of GraphQL. For those just starting out, they suggest learning the GraphQL spec from the official documentation first then understanding which client libraries are the best for your app.