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GraphQL Documentation Generators, Explorers, and Tools

This article by J Simpson compiles some of the best GraphQL documentation generators and tools for your API development. He lists out the benefits and disadvantages from using static documentation generators like GraphQL Docs to documentation explorers like GraphiQL. Optimize and automate your workflow with the tools Simpson discusses throughout the article.

Migrating to GraphQL: A Practical Assessment

This in-depth research paper by engineers from the Federal University of Minas Gerais assesses the differences in migrating API clients and utilizing GraphQL instead of standard REST-based APIs. After migration to GraphQL, the results demonstrated a 94% reduction in terms of fields and bytes. Read more about the community’s response and commentary towards some controversial claims in the hacker news discussion.

Building a Mock Blue Bottle GraphQL API

This tutorial is packed with resources from Eve Porcello's and Alex Bank's GraphQL Workshop on building a GraphQL Schema to mock a web application. The article details the process of creating a mock schema of bluebottlecoffee.com using Apollo and faker.js. It includes how to implement interfaces, write mock resolvers, and get a GraphQL server set up.

Tools & Open Source


Check out ProtoGraphQL, a prototyping tool that helps developers build and visualize GraphQL schemas and queries without writing any code. Users can input their relational database tables and ProtoGraphQL will dynamically create a customized and functional GraphQL Apollo Server that is readily available for export.

Community & Events

GraphQL Day Bodensee!

Get your tickets now for GraphQL Day Bodensee! GraphQL Day Bodensee is a single-day conference focusing on the adoption of GraphQL and how to utilize GraphQL on production level. There will be talks from developers at FormidableLabs, Prisma, GatsbyJS, CodeSandbox, and more. Learn from a lineup of thought leaders and connect with other local developers and technical leaders.


GraphQL Conf 2019 Talks

Take a look at this series of talks from the 2019 GraphQL conference. This collection of videos includes many GraphQL experts, such as Dan Schafer, Matt Mahoney, and others, who present on a variety of topics about GraphQL. Learn how to handle errors, build custom GraphQL tooling, implement code first schemas, and much more!