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Postman v7.2 Supports GraphQL!

Postman now supports GraphQL! With the newest update, Postman can send GraphQL queries in the request body, use GraphQL variables, autocomplete queries, and create/store GraphQL schemas directly in Postman. Check out this blog to see examples of all the new features and how to get started working with GraphQL in Postman.

Enhancing schemas with interfaces

This article breaks down what GraphQL interfaces are and how to implement them. Schema examples are provided in a side-by-side comparison on how using interfaces help improve schemas by adding better readability, scalability, and maintenance.

EdgeDB Roadmap

EdgeDB is a new relational database with native GraphQL support. The newly published roadmap details the vision and the future of the product. Currently built out GraphQL features include Querying Object Types and Querying Views, with Access Control and Mutations planned for 1.0.

The Guild is taking over maintenance of merge-graphql-schemas, so let’s talk about GraphQL Schema management

As mentioned in the title, The Guild is taking over the maintenance of merge-graphql-schemas, a tool that was maintained by OK Grow. In The Guild's post on the subject, Uri (the founder of The Guild) explains that merge-graphql-schemas will join other schema management tools that the company works on. Furthermore, in the weeks, additional articles will be published on the various topics related to splitting schemas and the related solutions.


GraphQL Conf - Live from Berlin

Follow along with the talks and presentations from the 2019 GraphQL Conf In Berlin! Watch live using the link or see the talks from Thursday on the Honeypot youtube channel.