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GraphQL Summit CFP Now Open

The CFP for GraphQL Summit is live until May 24, now is the time to submit your talk! An Apollo blog post shares ideas for talks and the first group of featured speakers.


Zeit Meetup Lighting Talk: OneGraph

In a lightning talk at a Zeit meetup, Sean Grove, the founder of OneGraph, presents a mass-unsubscribe gmail app. Highlighting some of the cool features of GraphQL and OneGraph, the entertaining presentation does a great job of demonstrating what features are possible when multiple APIs are connected.


A Practical GraphQL Architecture

An engineering blog post from Globality, this article shares some great insights on how they use GraphQL in the products they build. This includes explanations of rules and patterns they use to help separate concerns, enforce consistent resolver patterns and optimize for performance. The blog provides some advanced tips and suggestions for building practical GraphQL architectures and a few links to Globality's open-sourced internal frameworks.

The rise of GraphQL “Overambitious API gateways”

API gateway services and vendor solutions can be found all over the internet. However in this article, Marc-André Giroux contemplates why they have not started to appear within the GraphQL ecosystem. Marc shares his thoughts and feelings on the potential of general purpose GraphQL gateways and the features he would like to see them include.

Tools & Open Source


This Repo provides a deep dive into the GraphQL from an application security perspective. The research explores some of the potential weaknesses of a GraphQL API and the ways in which attacks can be executed. The report offers detailed examples, analysis and solutions for common vulnerabilities like injection, resource exhaustion, exposure of private data and more.