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Strawberry — A new GraphQL library for Python ?

Strawberry is a new python GraphQL library, whose initial version has been recently released on Github. To follow the project, you can sign up to get updates on the Strawberry Site.

Super Graph — Instant GraphQL API for Rails

Super Graph is a project that automatically creates a GraphQL API for your database. Written in Go, Super Graph supports Rails authentication and JWT. You can read through the details in the documentation on the site.


Understanding GraphQL through the Lens of Hip Hop

In a fun, short talk describing how he tried out GraphQL quickly without needing to overhaul the underlying API and setup at the time, Brian Douglas shares his experience using a GraphQL wrapper on a REST API. The presentation highlights how effective sampling can be for both hip hop and development.

Single GraphQL Server with Multiple Endpoints and Databases

Ben Awad and a fellow Patreon, dive into a live coding session where they attempt to combine multiple endpoints and disparate databases into a single unified GraphQL service. The video does a great job of showing some techniques and problems you encounter while taking on some advanced GraphQL concepts.


A Different Approach to GraphQL Caching

This blog post explores the different GraphQL libraries, such as Apollo and Urql, that keep track of cache data. He shares some insight on the benefits and tradeoffs on client-side parsing of your queries. This post also demonstrates the real use cases for the new micro-graphql-react library which helps with non-searched data and soft resetting search results.