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A Brief History of GraphQL by the Creator of GraphQL

An excellent presentation by Lee Byron, the co-creator of GraphQL, that gives a brief history on the birth of GraphQL and why Facebook decided to focus on the efficiency and user experience of their mobile app. He breaks down how GraphQL solved the RESTful issues of fragile client/server relationships and a slow network.

Animated 3 Part Series on GraphQL

This is a three part animated video series exploring what GraphQL is and what a GraphQL API can do. The videos do a good job of slowly introducing GraphQL, its features, and finally diving a little deeper into the GraphQL API itself. Part 1 is on "What Is GraphQL?", Part 2 covers "What GraphQL Can Do", and and Part 3 is on "What Does the GraphQL API Know?"


Meet Chaos Panda: How New Relic Does Chaos Engineering With the GraphQL API

A blog post from New Relic describing their GraphQL Chaos Engineering solution. Chaos Panda is an interesting, new tool used for chaos engineering that uses GraphQL to carefully configure production testing to add latency to responses or cause certain fields to fail at specific rates. While the tool is limited to New Relic, the possibilities of using Chaos Engineering (an emerging field) with GraphQL continue to highlight its growing usage.


Schema Stitching with Hot Chocolate on ASP.Net Core

Hot Chocolate is a .net GraphQL server that introduces schema stitching to the .net platform. The article walks you through what schema stitching is and what it can do for you. It shows how to setup a GraphQL gateway that stitches multiple schemas and creates one consistent schema for your consumers

Securing GraphQL Services without Code

A short tutorial illustrating how a GraphQL proxy can help increase security in a GraphQL backend, this article discusses two possible solutions. Both hinge on the use of GraphQL Go Tools. In the first example, the article covers using the tools with Prisma and in the second, the combination of the tooling with Neo4j.