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How Prisma and GraphQL fit together

This article from Prisma provides an overview of Prisma's evolution and its relationship to GraphQL. Reiterating their excitement and highlighting the open source projects that Prisma is building in the open source community as well as organizing GraphQL conf, the blog post also highlights the applicability of Prisma beyond the GraphQL space.

Query Your Network Like a Database

This article gives an interesting look into the DevOps perspective of GraphQL and how to handle network process automation. The article explains the challenge of creating a structured data model of network details that a single programmatic query could leverage and how GraphQL tackles this problem. There are also examples in Python of GraphQL queries that can apply across the entire network.


Managing TypeScript and GraphQL types in Node

GraphQL and Typescript both rely on type systems to function properly and reach their full potential. In this talk from GraphQL Day Toronto, Erica Pisani gives does an excellent job of presenting tools and solutions for managing these types effectively across your codebase. In the video she outlines some patterns and open source projects that aim to reduce this frustration and lead to a consistent and enjoyable developer experience.

So you want to distribute your GraphQL schema?

A great presentation on distributing GraphQL schemas and the reason why GraphQL was built and how that it guides how we use it. Marc-Andre Giroux discusses the different strategies designed to split up the schemas and the tradeoffs that come with it. He provides interesting alternatives on how to approach your GraphQL API.

From hell to GraphQL

A talk that is easily relatable for most developers. The team at Novvum details their journey, decisions and strategies for moving HyreCar's complex and undocumented legacy architecture to an approachable set of GraphQL powered services. The presentation outlines a few of the issues a team may face migrating to GraphQL and how to overcome them.

Tools & Open Source


Webiny is an open-sourced, serverless CMS that uses GraphQL and React. The tool allows you to use separate packages and then wrap in a GraphQL service.