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Tartiflette is a GraphQL engine built on top of Python 3.6 built by Dailymotion. Dailymotion implemented Tartiflette to power development with a schema first approach built on top of the asyncio library. Developers can quickly extend their API and then integrate with any transport layer, JSON RPC, gRPC or, HTTP. The documentation includes an awesome tutorial to help you get started!

Introducing GraphQL Hooks

A new and super lightweight GraphQL client for React. Nearform designed the client with first-class support for hooks and according to the article it's tiny, only 5.2KB (1.9KB gzipped). Graphql-hooks supports SSR, cache plugins, pagination and a bunch more.


GraphQL Will Power the Decentralized Web

Brandon Ramirez at The Graph outlines how GraphQL could be the future for interacting with blockchain, dAPP and Web3 information. He dives into why GraphQL could provide the best way for developers to consume this data and how protocols and query languages like REST and SQL fall short. One possibility he suggestions is that the flexibility of GraphQL and its ability to access data across organizational trust boundaries makes it an intriguing option for developers building the future of blockchain powered user interfaces.

GraphQL: Intuit’s Path to ONE API System

In his essay outlining the early adoption and lessons learned from using GraphQL at Intuit, Peter Vogel covers the history of GraphQL at the company. Intuit moved from a very unwieldy API (at one point with 80 unique API endpoints) to being a very early adopter of GraphQL in 2015. With the background shared, the article proceeds to cover some of the lessons of Intuit's adoption of GraphQL including being intentional about edges between nodes and the challenges of large schemas for mobile tools.

Podcasts and Shows

Documentation Not Included: A Startup Stack: Postgres & GraphQL

Episode 8.1 of "Documentation Not Included" covers using Postgres and GraphQL. Over the course of the episode, the hosts discuss some background on the growth of GraphQL over REST, GraphQL and Postgres's advantages, and give and share some additional information about the GraphQL tooling landscape.

The Diff: The GraphQL Story

In second episode of Facebook's Open Source podcast, Dan Schafer and Lee Byron join Joel Marcey to chat about GraphQL. They cover the origin story of GraphQL, how it compares to REST, and GraphQL's recent move to the Linux Foundation.