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The New GraphCMS

The GraphCMS team is doing a major redesign of their architecture. Check this article to learn about the major changes and migration paths. tl;dr: Every aspect of GraphCMS will be greatly improved. New backend architecture and infrastructure, new open sourced web app, new staging workflow.

SDL First Products: Parallelizing Product Development with GraphQL

The GraphQL Schema Definition Language (SDL) is simple, concise and expressive. In this article, Christopher Biscardi explains how the SDL can be leveraged for rapid product development and decouple the frontend from the backend teams.

Introducing Prisma Cloud — A GraphQL Database Platform ?

Are you looking for ways to put your Prisma services into production? Because Prisma is entirely open-source, you can always do so by using your favorite cloud provider. In case you don't want to fiddle around with Docker and would like a bit more convenience and tooling around deploying and hosting Prisma, you can now simply setup your own Prisma cluster with Prisma Cloud. Connect your database and you're ready to go!

Community & Events

“GraphQL Day” in Amsterdam on April 14

Need an excuse for a trip to Amsterdam? Here it comes! The GraphQL Europe team is bringing a mini-conference to the Dutch capital. Look forward to great talks by Ken Wheeler, Johannes Schickling, Martijn Walraven and a lot more. Special perk: All GraphQL Day attendees get a free ticket to attend the after-party from the ReactAmsterdam conference the day before.


Migrating a Phoenix and Elm app from REST to GraphQL

Many developers still are not aware of the fact that GraphQL is language-agnostic and thus can also be used outside the JavaScript ecosystem. In this post, Paul Fioravanti describes his path of migrating a Phoenix/Elm app from REST to GraphQL.

What the hell is Prisma, the GraphQL thing?

Brandon Paquette untangles the GraphQL ecosystem by giving an explanation of Prisma and how it fits into your stack. It's a great read for everyone who feels overwhelmed with the recent developments in the GraphQL community and is seeking for some clarity. An excellent read!