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Articles & Tutorials

Reusable GraphQL schema directives

This article by Ben Newman explains the usage of GraphQL directives with graphql-tools. Directives are a powerful way to enrich GraphQL schemas with custom functionality, like "enforcing access permissions, formatting date strings, auto-generating resolver functions for a particular backend API, marking strings for internationalization, synthesizing globally unique object identifiers, specifying caching behavior, skipping or including or deprecating fields, and just about anything else you can imagine".

Deploying GraphQL Servers with Apex Up

Many developers are wondering about the best ways to deploy their GraphQL servers to the web! This tutorials teaches you how to a deploy GraphQL server to AWS Lambda using the awesome one-click deployment tool Apex Up.

Videos & Talks

The GraphQL Ecosystem in 2018 (30 min)

The GraphQL ecosystem has come a long way since GraphQL was first introduced in 2015. In this talk, Nikolas Burk from the Graphcool team gives a tour through the most important libraries and tools that every GraphQL developer should have in her toolbox.

API Throwdown: RPC vs REST vs GraphQL (45 min)

The process of resolving GraphQL queries consists of invoking the resolver functions for all the fields contained in the query. Therefore, GraphQL is often compared to RPC-style communication systems. In this excellent talk, Nate Barbettini compares GraphQL with RPC and REST APIs. Watch it to get a broader perspective on GraphQL as an API technology!

Community & Events

Tickets available for GraphQL Day in Amsterdam

The tickets for GraphQL Day are now on sale! GraphQL Day is a mini-conference that's taking place on April 14 in Amsterdam. Prepare yourself for awesome speakers like by Ken Wheeler, Manjula Dube, Johannes Schickling, Sara Vieira and a lot more.

Last Call — Submit Your Proposals for GraphQL Europe ??

The CfP for GraphQL Europe is closing on March 31! If you're working with GraphQL, be sure to share your experience and learnings with the community by submitting a talk for the conference. First-time speakers are more than welcome!