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Top 5 Reasons to Use GraphQL

Most developers already know that GraphQL makes their lives a whole lot easier. If you know someone who's not in that camp (yet), be sure to show them this article so they get to understand the major benefits of GraphQL as well.

Introducing React Apollo 2.1

A new version of the React Apollo client has been released. Peggy, James and the rest of the Apollo team and OSS contributors have done an awesome job building out a new API for Apollo Client 2.1. It features three new components that are based on render props: Query, Mutation and Subscription.

2 Fast 2 Furious: migrating Medium’s codebase without slowing down

The Medium engineering team recently migrated their stack to use React and GraphQL! This very informative read by Sasha Solomon explains the reasoning behind the decision and the overall experience with the migration. An quick and excellent read!


Typescript Types for GraphQL Resolvers (Video)

The awesome Ben Awad just released another video tutorial. This time he's taking a closer look at how to leverage the types defined in the GraphQL schema when implementing resolvers with TypeScript. By the way, if you haven't checked out Ben's Youtube channel yet - you definitely should!

Tools & Open-Source


graphql-css (by Bernardo Raposo) is a blazing fast CSS-in-GQL™ library that converts GraphQL queries into styles for your components. It comes with a bunch of utilities so it's easy to integrate with your favourite way of building components.

✨ Awesome Prisma

Want to learn more about Prisma? Check out this forum post that collects a list of resources that help you get started 🚀


Last day to get early-bird tickets for GraphQL Day 🇳🇱

Today is the last day to get your early-bird ticket for GraphQL Day - a mini-conference happening only one day after ReactAmsterdam on April 14. There are going to be awesome speakers like Ken Wheeler, Martijn Walraven, Johannes Schickling, Sara Vieira and a lot more. You can another 25% off your ticket using the following discount code: gql-weekly