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Tools & Open Source


An optimization on top of GraphQL-JS, GraphQL JIT generates tiny GraphQL engines for each query that it handles. Any future calls to the API can therefore be processed faster than before. It is an incredibly fast GraphQL engine.


A helpful, open source collection of GraphQL resources, GraphQL explorer contains a variety of GraphQL libraries across different languages. If individuals want to contribute to the over 150 resources now live, they can easily add it to the associated Github Repo.

GraphQLite: GraphQL Library for PHP

GraphQLite is a GraphQL library for PHP. With a goal of making implementing a GraphQL API easier than a REST one for PHP users, the project is currently in beta and seeking feedback. While it is generally PHP agnostic, the creators are working to add framework specific modules. One for Symfony has already been completed.


Try GraphQL

A fun, interactive GraphQL tutorial, Try GraphQL takes a user from running a simple query in GraphQL, all the way up to querying from a react app. With a cool aesthetic and interesting challenges throughout, this is a fun way to practice and get familiar with GraphQL.

Community & Events


Working on making the subreddit even more engaging, the GraphQL subreddit recently had a redesign and is always trying to have interesting GraphQL-focused conversations. This week they're trying to have even more conversations in the subreddit by asking people to share their thoughts on the articles that they link out to. With over 4,000 people hanging out there— it's always nice to be in the loop about good channels to discuss GraphQL.