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Using GraphQL Nexus with a Database

The culmination of Prisma's three part series on code-first development (Part 1 and Part 2 are good prerequisite reading), this article discusses how GraphQL Nexus can be connected to a database using the nexus-prisma plugin. Both an overview and containing an optional tutorial, the post is a great way to try out the new plugin and learn more about the code-first approach.


Principled GraphQL

A beautiful and well-made site put together by Apollo, Principled GraphQL lays out the GraphQL best practices that Apollo has learned over the years. Inspired by Heroku's 12 factor app , this page covers 10 principles of effectively using GraphQL. They are divided into three sections: Integrity Principles, Agility Principles, and Operations Principles.

Why we Killed our REST API in Favour of GraphQL

This post by Crystallize goes over their move to using GraphQL exclusively. In the past they used GraphQL to deliver product information but also had a REST API in place for their Product Information Management product. In their detailed article, they discuss their motivations for moving to a GraphQL API for both use cases, with reasons including (among others) the low latency they achieved with GraphQL, the input validation GraphQL makes possible, and automatic documentation of the API.

Optimizing a GraphQL app using Apollo Engine

A helpful post on analytics and taking steps to optimize your GraphQL app, the article walks through Ok Grow's strategy and suggestions. With helpful examples, illustrations, and a straightforward summary of how Apollo helped them diagnose issues, the piece is a nice summary of how to get information out of a GraphQL app with Apollo.

Why GraphQL is the Future of APIs

For those just starting to learn about GraphQL, this is a helpful piece that covers the benefits that it provides over REST. A helpful article to share with colleagues seeking a high level overview of GraphQL's capabilities and features.