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Introducing GraphQL Nexus: Code-First GraphQL Server Development

Following up on their piece, "The Problem with Schema-First GraphQL Server Development", Prisma has announced GraphQL Nexus, for code-first GraphQL server development. The blog post offers an introduction to using the tool and some recommended best practices.

Community & Events

Full Stack Cast: Interviewing Lee Byron

An in depth interview with Lee Byron from the Full Stack Cast podcast, the episode dives into his personal story. The interview covers how he joined Facebook, got involved with Open Source, came up with the idea for GraphQL, and his most recent move to Robinhood. An engaging interview and very enjoyable piece!

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL Rate Limit

A helpful new npm package, graphql-rate-limit-directive allows users to quickly limit repeated requests to queries and mutations. Written in TypeScript, it can be applied to both objects and fields, and supports multiple data store options. It represents one option for securing your GraphQL API from malicious queries.


Authentication and Authorization Basics with GraphQL and REST

This easy to follow overview tutorial by Rodrigo Quezada provides an introduction to Authentication and Authorization. The piece offers an intro to JSON web tokens, the middleware approach to authentication, as well as using graphql-yoga. It rounds out with some details on Authorization with GraphQL Shield.

Effortless Real-time GraphQL API with Serverless Business Logic

This tutorial by Vladimir Novick covers deploying a GraphQL API with Hasura using Docker and the capabilities offered by the Hasura console once deployed.With a console walkthrough, this piece offers a good summary of the Hasura's functionality and additional tooling.

GraphQL Persisted Queries with Apollo Server 2

The third piece in a series on persisted queries and working with Apollo Server 2. A straightforward guide that covers how to clean up some code and work better the new Apollo functionality.

Merging 2 GraphQL APIs at the Same Level

Covering a new "union pattern" to merge APIs, this tutorial combines an AppSync API and Gitub API to create a a single API service. Walking through the process of setting this up, the article closes out by covering how to deploy the new API server to AWS Lambda.