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Launching SpaceX GraphQL API ?

?? It's true that this article covers the toolings and learnings from creating a production ready modern API, but, more than that, it bubbles with joy. In this piece Carlos Rufo offers a follow up to his previous article on Migrating SpaceX API to GraphQL. In this piece, he dives into the actual implementation details and, as a bonus, shows off how one can even have a REST API with the benefits of the GraphQL version. A fun and fascinating read that really reminds us of how much amazing information can be at our fingertips! ??

Sofa — The best way to REST (is GraphQL)

Sofa (pun intended) allows individuals to turn GraphQL APIs into REST ones. The article that describes the tool covers the its feature and benefits and how it works in general. One section that was extremely compelling was the article's explanation on why, in some cases, there is a benefit to having a REST API on top of a generated GraphQL API on top of a REST API. The answer in this case being in order to allow for "gradually migrating from old REST implementations". A really neat tool and a fascinating read by Urigo, one of its creators.

The Problems of "Schema-First" GraphQL Server Development

This is the first of three articles by Prisma covering the issues with a schema-first approach and sharing the benefits of an alternative, code-first. Covering the evolution of schema-first development and the subsequent tooling ecosystem that emerged to support it, the article also covers the issues and workarounds caused by that approach. The piece concludes by covering in more detail what a code-first approach means in practical terms. An interesting and thought-provoking post.


GraphQL Day Toronto

A one day GraphQL conference is being held in beautiful Toronto on February 28th. Focused on adopting GraphQL and getting the most out of it in production, this conference features talks by local devs and technical leaders, and offers two days of GraphQL basic and advanced training preceding it.


graphql-gen: Node client for generating GraphQL specs from Swagger OpenAPI

Migrating a traditional REST API to GraphQL can be challenging. Luckily, when migrating from a structured specification like Swagger OpenAPI, your API follows known patterns. The team at Manifold has built a tool that makes it easy to make a first-pass at migrating an OpenAPI endpoint to GraphQL. graphql-gen takes a yaml or json Swagger schema and auto-magically creates a GraphQL schema. Try it out today if you are migrating to GraphQL!