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Announcing Apollo Client 2.5

Apollo has released Apollo Client 2.5, which now has local state management! The explanatory announcement blog post covers in detail how people can use local state management with the example of products in a shopping cart. The blog post also lightly touches on the other features of Apollo Client 2.5, including code splitting, local subscriptions, and the @export directive.


GraphQL Resources: top tools, extensions & tutorials for beginners

A helpful summary of some of the most useful tools and blogs in the GraphQL ecosystem, this handy article invites others to contribute in the comments section.

GraphQL in a Micro Services Architecture

This article covers how a team used GraphQL with microservices. While the microservices implementation originally lost out on some of the advanced capabilities of GraphQL, such as server side batching and caching, the blog post captures how GraphQL schema stitching was able to solve the issue.

Defining Graph Database Schemas by using the GraphQL Schema Definition Language

A detailed piece by Olaf Hartig, the abstract summarizes it by saying, "In this document we propose an approach to repurpose the SDL such that it may also be used to define schemas for graph databases that are represented using the Property Graph data model." For those new to the subject, the article links to some helpful pre-requisites on Schemas and Types and as well as the Property Graph Model.

How Does GraphQL Fit Into Your Product Stack?

This is a blog post for product owners and developers who are considering GraphQL, or have seen the hype and want to know more from a business perspective. Ryan makes the case for GraphQL and how it could benefit your product. The blog post explains exactly what GraphQL is and each part of the implementation on the server. Additionally, the post gives points about why you shouldn't use GraphQL.


Fully functional WhatsApp Clone using Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL

A rich tutorial in 13 steps, this article is the introduction to an updated version of a Whatsapp clone tutorial from 2015. The tutorial, published earlier this week, takes great care to cover best practices when building an app. The subjects covered in the piece include basic authentication, subscriptions, and advanced tooling.

GraphQL (with React, Angular, Vue, and Node)

A 4 day GraphQL (with React, Angular, Vue, and Node) bootcamp, this live-streamed and recorded video covers working with GraphQL on a client in all popular frontend frameworks as well as how to create your own GraphQL server with various solutions. Taking advantage of Youtube's livestream feature, the video has not only the traditional comments at the bottom but also a real time log of the conversations and viewer questions.

Tools & Open Source


What makes GraphQL so exciting is the ability to compose method calls. Deepr is a specification to achieve this and only this.

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