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GraphQL Search Indexing

Learn from the Netflix Marketing Tech team about a different approach to searching with GraphQL and how to index data and make it searchable. The team shares how they used the relationships and schemas defined within GraphQL to automatically build and maintain a search database. The blog goes through the challenges of searching decentralized data, keeping everything up to date, periodic indexing, and more.

An Empirical Study of GraphQL Schemas

Check out this brief of the research paper “An Empire Study of GraphQL Schemas” that provides a summary of what GraphQL is, what performance benefits a GraphQL API offers, and what a “typical” GraphQL schema looks like. The research examines the differences between open-source schemas versus commercial schemas, using their findings to discover trends and consistencies in naming conventions, schema designs, and pagination patterns.


Designing GraphQL Schemas

Nik Graf speaks at the React Advanced 2019 Conference on some tips for better designing GraphQL schemas. He shares his thoughts on explicit naming, aliases, nullable fields, and connections, as he provides sample code snippets of good and bad examples. For anyone defining GraphQL schemas, learn how to maintain your schemas over time from the lessons Nik suggests.

Achieving End to End Type Safety with GraphQL, Prisma & TypeScript

Tim Suchanek at ViennaJS walks through a step by step tutorial on building a full-stack application using Apollo Client, GraphQL Nexus, Photon.js, and GraphQL Code Generator. He live codes to demonstrate adding a field to GraphQL queries on the frontend and to the schema. He also discusses the importance of type safety and how developers can practice end-to-end type safety to be more efficient with their code.

GraphQL vs REST - A Consumers View

This talk by James Neate from the 2019 Platform Summit focuses on the implications of interacting with GraphQL and REST APIs while comparing the two from a consumer perspective. He live demos in real time the differences between approaching both APIs when building user interfaces. Watch as James compares REST and GraphQL responsiveness, usability, documentation, and more.

Community & Events

APIdays London 2019

For a GraphQL event focused on finance, the upcoming API Days London is hosting a fintech-flavored event on November 14th with two GraphQL tracks. The event will have speakers from Financial Times, Fauna, Revolut and more. For the GraphQL community, the newsletter links offers a discount of over 80% off the entrance price for those just seeking to join for the GraphQL track!