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Tools & Open Source


Check out GraphQL Zeus, a tool that provides autocompletion for strongly typed queries for Javascript or Typescript. The documentation provides instructions on how to set it up as well as how graphql-zeus interacts with interfaces, unions, performing queries with aliases, and more.


GraphQL performance explained

This blog post does a deep dive into GraphQL performance by examining what GraphQL implementation is doing. The post explains parsing, validation, and execution of a GraphQL query, and how we can reduce performance overhead of the GraphQL API with precompiled queries and mutations. Although applications that use GraphQL can be slightly slower initially, this article provides some tips on how to tweak them to achieve better performance results.


How We Scaled GraphQL at New York Times

In this presentation, James Lawrie from The New York Times shares the number of queries served, data received and served, and the large amount of types and fields in their schema in order to demonstrate how GraphQL has helped the company scale to their current size. Listen in on how they handled geo-targeting, schema directives, active cache invalidation, and more.

GraphQL State Management in a React World

This talk discusses different state management that works well with GraphQL as well as how to use hooks to manage state. Shruti Kapoor explores the use of Redux along with GraphQL and the challenges, like immutability and the huge boilerplate. She demos using hooks with a React app that takes advantage of GraphQL to reduce the amount of data to state manage.

Migrate your APIs to GraphQL: why? how!

Guillaume Scheibel presents at Devoxx Belgium 2019 on how the engineering team at Expedia implemented GraphQL and improved its APIs functionality. The speaker breaks down the reasons why Expedia switched to GraphQL, the team’s challenges with REST, and the inconsistencies amongst types. He shares the architecture behind a cohesive API experience and live codes how to generate schemas from Kotlin types with the open source project GraphQL-Kotlin.