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DataLoader v2.0

Lee Byron, one of the creators of GraphQL and DataLoader, announces the release of DataLoader v2.0.0 in his detailed blog post from November 18th. Sharing some background and context around the development of DataLoader v1 and how it surged in popularity, Lee highlights three important improvements in the latest release: legal, types, and scheduling. DataLoader v2 is now released under an MIT license, includes considerable improvements to TypeScript and Flow type definitions, and has significant improvement to batch scheduling as well.


GraphQuill is a VS Code extension that performs GraphQL API endpoint testing within the VS Code environment. It intends to remove the need for switching between VS Code and GraphiQL, Postman, or another API development tool. You can learn more about its feature set in the linked repo, or install it in VS Code directly from the Marketplace.

GraphiQL Spark

Demo a GraphQL schema without a GraphQL endpoint. GraphiQL Spark is a thin convinience layer on top of GraphiQL that allows you to run queries or mutations completely client side! In addition the query/mutation response is rendered once GraphiQL is mounted, which makes it ideal for blog posts.


GraphQL Observability with Go Using Open-source Tools

Szabolcs Gelencsér, covers the GraphQL observability stack (logging, tracing, monitoring) used at IBM Watson Media in Golang and discusses the usage of open-source tools like Dataloader, Jaeger, Prometheus and Grafana. The article outlines the configuration and steps taken by Szabolcs' team and wraps up with a link to a

Learn GraphQL + MongoDB Security Vulnerabilities

The aim of this article is to discuss NoSQL injection vulnerabilities found in applications that use both GraphQL and MongoDB. It first discusses what NoSQL injection vulnerabilities are, then the different types of NoSQL injection vulnerabilities, and finally lists general tips for developers and hackers when working with GraphQL and MongoDB.