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Amplify CLI announces new GraphQL transform feature for orchestrating multiple AI/ML use cases

Amazon's blog post covers the new feature of Amplify to orchestrate multiple AI/ML chained actions. You can use this functionality by invoking one GraphQL query. The blog post covering this new feature offers a tutorial that shows how it can be used to identify text in an image in English, then translate it to Spanish, then convert it to speech.


Build a Meal Ticketing App with GraphQL and Apollo React Hooks

Chris Nwamba's tutorial on creating a meal ticketing app, inspired by a forgotten meal ticket at a conference, goes over how one can create an app using GraphQL, Apollo, React Hooks, and 8Base. The tutorial walks through the entire process in detail and links out to the full project repo in the conclusion.

200 OK! Error Handling in GraphQL

In her tutorial on how to more effectively model errors in a GraphQL schema, Sasha Solomon outlines that there are two ways to think about errors: actual errors and results. In the rest of the article she highlights how to make the results more specific and effective for the developer. A written version of her conference talk, she wraps up the article by linking out to a couple places where one can see her live presentation on the same topic.


GraphQL Typescript Authentication Boilerplate

In a video tutorial, Ben Awad does a walkthrough and gives an explanation for a GraphQL Typescript boilerplate that he created. The boilerplate includes authentication via sessions and the github repo itself offers instructions on how to later deploy the app to Heroku or DigitalOcean.

Err(or) on the side of awesome

In her talk from the 8th GraphQL SF Meetup, Christina Yu shares her lessons learned relating to GraphQL errors in her team at Paypal. At first she covers how they handled the errors and subsequently discusses how they tracked and optimised them. To track them she used a Grafana dashboard and a product called Apollo Graph Manager, as well as other Apollo tools.