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Why you should use Vue + GraphQL

In this article, Andy Li demonstrates how to create a simple GraphQL API and consume it in a Vue application. He talks about the problems that GraphQL solves, how it compares to REST, the tooling that exists to work with GraphQL, and how Vue factors in. Follow along with Andy to find out how to work with GraphQL APIs in a Vue app.

Getting Started with GraphQL in ASP.NET Core – Complete Guide

In this article, Mukesh Murugan talks about how to work with GraphQL in an ASP.NET Core application. He talks about what GraphQL is, how it compares to REST, and provides detailed guidance on how to set up a project. Follow along with Mukesh to learn how to build a GraphQL API using ASP.NET Core.

GraphQL Using the Apollo Framework: Getting Started

In this article, Felipe Laso-Marsetti demonstrates how to consume a GraphQL API in an iOS application in a type-safe way. He explains how to set up the project, create and run a GraphQL server, set up codegen, run queries, and much more. Follow along with Felipe to find out how to use GraphQL in an iOS application.


GraphQL Tooling & GraphQL-Mesh With Uri Goldshtein

In this episode of GraphQLFM, Marc-André Giroux and Tony Ghita talk to Uri Goldshtein about GraphQL-Mesh, an open source project created by his team at The Guild. They also talk about open source models for business and more.


Serverless GraphQL on AWS in 4 Minutes

In this video, Nader Dabit demonstrates how to create a GraphQL API on AWS AppSync using direct Lambda resolvers. With the recent addition of direct Lambda resolvers support, it's easier than ever to create a serverless GraphQL API on AWS. Follow along as Nader walks through how to work with AppSync and direct Lambda resolvers.

Add GraphQL CRUD to a NestJS API

In this livestream recording, Bram Borggreve walks through how to create a GraphQL CRUD API using NestJS. He covers how to work with queries, mutations, resolvers, and much more. The recording is fully timestamped and includes links to the example code. Follow along with Bram to learn how to build a GraphQL API using NestJS.