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Ultimate Authentication using GraphQL Nexus

In this article, Muhammad Ali thoroughly covers how to add authentication to a Nexus GraphQL API. He goes into detail about how to add signup and login functionality, how to use OAuth 2.0 with providers like Facebook and Google, and how to manage user roles. Follow along with Muhammad to learn how to secure your Nexus GraphQL APIs.

Building Flutter apps with GraphQL in the backend

In this article, Ritesh Sharma guides us through how to build a Flutter app that uses a GraphQL API. He covers some high-level concepts of GraphQL backends including how to set up a schema and how to create resolvers. He then covers how to execute queries and mutations from a Flutter app. Follow along with Ritesh to find out how to use a GraphQL backend in your Flutter apps.

How to model hierarchical access with AppSync

In this article, Yan Cui describes his approach to modelling access control in AWS AppSync apps. He goes into detail about the challenges of modelling data access requirements, why it can be challenging to apply rules using the GraphQL SDL, and how this can be overcome using nested query and mutation types.

A Complete Walkthrough of GraphQL APIs with React and FaunaDB

In this article, Alex Lau covers how to build a React app backed by a GraphQL API that gets data from a FaunaDB database. He walks through how to provision the database, how to create the GraphQL Schema within FaunaDB, and how to deploy the app to Heroku. Follow along with Alex to discover how to back your GraphQL APIs with FaunaDB and consume the API in a React app.

How we improved a React Native app performance by using GraphQL and Relay

In this article, Felippe Rodrigo Puhle talks about how his team improved the performance of their React Native app by using GraphQL and Relay. He talks about how the app lacked memoized selectors and how Relay helped to implement them, how the team migrated only a portion of the app, and what the benchmarks show for improvement.


Fullstack React GraphQL TypeScript Tutorial

In this massive video tutorial, Ben Awad teaches how to build a full stack app with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript. He covers many technologies within the stack, including URQL, Apollo, Node, Postgres, TypeORM, Redis, Next.js, TypeGraphQL, and Chakra. Follow along with Ben as he shows how to build out a fully-functional application with these great technologies.