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How to Run GraphQL Directive-Driven Capacity Tests at Scale

Running peak capacity load testing across a full GraphQL API surface can be a challenge due to key differences with traditional REST / HTTP APIs. The optimal test scenario is to harvest live traffic and then replay it at scale to stress systems end-to-end and suss out issues. However, whether an operation is safe for capture and replay in the case of GraphQL isn't something you can derive from the HTTP envelope of requests and the standard HTTP verbs. In this article, Pat McCarthy describes a runtime directive-driven approach that Vrbo uses to effectively support weekly peak capacity tests across their production infrastructure. The testing has put Vrbo in a great position for dealing with load spikes effectively, and has led to major improvements in their end-to-end reliability across their customer journey.

Exposing GeoJSON and more through a GraphQL API

8base's GraphQL API now supports GeoFields, allowing developers to build location-based apps easily with built-in distance and bounds capabilities. This makes both filtering by geographical bounds/coordinates a breeze, as well as allows developers to return distance calculations in their API responses. In this article, Sebastian Scholl describes the new features added to 8base's GraphQL API and how developers can be successful using GeoFields. He goes into detail about how to apply location-based filtering and queries, how to do distance calculations, how to perform atomic operations, and more. Follow along to find out how you can use the new GeoFields features from 8base.


GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2020 Videos

GraphQL Summit Worldwide 2020 was a recent virtual event put on by Apollo. The event featured talks from a diverse lineup of GraphQL experts and those talks are now available to view on YouTube. Check out the playlist to catch up on all the great content presented at this year's GraphQL Summit.

Deno GraphQL Tutorial in 10 mins

This quick tutorial walks through how to create a GraphQL API in Deno. It covers how to define type definitions and resolvers and also how to stand up a GraphQL service to serve the API. Follow along to find out you can use Deno to build a GraphQL API.


Announcing GraphQLFM

GraphQLFM is a show about all things GraphQL. Every two weeks Marc-André Giroux (GitHub) and Tony Ghita (Twitch) talk with a GraphQL expert about different areas of GraphQL. The first episode is airing Tuesday, August 18th and the first guest is Dan Schafer, co-creator of GraphQL. Subscribe to the podcast to get some great GraphQL content brought to you by experts in the community.