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Testing GraphQL Backend in Product Hunt

In this article, Radoslav Stankov talks about how Product Hunt tests their GraphQL API using a set of Ruby testing helpers. He goes into detail about how his team tests three categories of API code, including helpers, mutation classes, and resolver classes. Follow along to find out how to test your Ruby GraphQL APIs so you can gain confidence that they work as expected.

Hasura – my first impressions on instant realtime GraphQL API

In this article, Sebastian Kurzynowski provides his impressions on using Hasura as a realtime GraphQL API and also gives a brief tutorial on how to get up and running with it. The tutorial demonstrates how to set up authentication, how to use the Hasura GraphQL engine, and how to use Hasura actions. Follow along to find out the benefits of using Hasura and how to get started.

Introducing Direct Lambda Resolvers: AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs without VTL

AWS has just released Direct Lambda Resolvers, a solution that allows developers to build an AWS AppSync GraphQL API without the need to learn and understand VTL templates. In this announcement article, Ed Lima walks through how AWS AppSync can be beneficial for creating GraphQL APIs, the problems that arise when needing to understand VTL templates, and how developers can now create resolver logic without any VTL.

A Guide to GraphQL Errors

In this article, Marc-André Giroux provides an in-depth guide on handling errors in GraphQL. The GraphQL community has not yet settled on standard conventions for errors which can cause confusion for developers when building a GraphQL app. Marc-André's guide helps to demystify common areas of confusion and provides readers with some established best practices for GraphQL error handling.


GraphQL Meetup #17 (online)

GraphQL Berlin is hosting a virtual meetup on August 11, 2020. The speakers include Stefano Negri (Exposing GraphQL as Managed APIs), Ryan Chenkie (Using Auth0 in a GraphQL App), and Jesse Martin (GraphQL Up and Running with GraphCMS). Join the virtual event to hear these great talks and hang out (online) with other GraphQL developers.


Introducing the GraphQL API for WordPress

In this article, Leonardo Losoviz walks through his newly-released GraphQL API for Wordpress plugin. The plugin enables developers to retrieve data from a Wordpress website using GraphQL queries. Leonardo talks about existing solutions on the market, the motivations for creating the plugin, and the advantages it brings. Follow along to find out how you can query your Wordpress data using GraphQL.


GraphQL Tweetletter

The GraphQL Tweetletter is a new Tweet aggregator for GraphQL topics made by Dgraph Labs. It curates GraphQL-related tweets into a nice dashboard and allows for filtering based on date and keywords. Check out the GraphQL Tweetletter website for a new way to stay in the loop about what's going on in the GraphQL ecosystem.