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Build a production-grade API with Prisma and GraphQL

In this article, Gabriel Colson demonstrates how to build a real-world GraphQL API with Nexus Schema and Prisma. The tutorial provides a deep-dive on application architecture, project setup, and finally implementation. Follow along with Gabriel to learn how you can easily build production-ready GraphQL APIs backed by a type-safe database access layer using Prisma.

Building well-architected serverless applications: Controlling serverless API access – part 2

In this article, idk.dev covers how to add access control to a GraphQL API built on AWS AppSync. It goes into detail about how access control should be handled, how to have AppSync verify a JSON Web Token, how to handle API keys, and more. Follow along to find out how to secure your AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs.

Understanding Client-Side GraphQL With Apollo-Client In React Apps

In this article, Blessing Krofegha does a deep-dive into how to use Apollo Client in React applications. He outlines the basics of GraphQL and how Apollo Client fits into a React application. The tutorial takes readers through how to build a React app with Apollo Client and includes instructions on queries, mutations, and how to handle the cache.


Full Stack Serverless eCommerce with AWS Amplify & Stripe

In this live event, Shawn Wang will demonstrate how to build a full-stack serverless application by adding Stripe and AWS Amplify to a JAMStack project. The event is scheduled for August 3, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST. Join the live event to learn more about how to add payments to your GraphQL-powered apps.


GraphQL Summit Worldwide

GraphQL Summit Worldwide is an online event featuring talks from a diverse and talented lineup of speakers. The event takes place on July 30 and 31 and then again on August 6 and 7, 2020. The event includes interactive community topic rooms where developers can come together to discuss GraphQL in specific contexts. Tune into the online event for a wide range of high-quality GraphQL content.

GraphQL Texas Meetup

GraphQL Texas is a new meetup put on by BoltSource with its first event happening on August 27, 2020. The first event will feature notable GraphQL speakers including Carlos Rufo, Nader Dabit, and Gabo Esquivel. Join the first virtual meetup to hear talks from these great speakers and meet other GraphQL developers.


Full Stack Starterkit

The Full Stack Starterkit is a repo that provides developers a starting point for their GraphQL applications. The template app uses React on the front end and Node on the backend and includes a range of popular technologies including Prisma for data access, Apollo for the GraphQL client and server, and Jest for testing. Check out the starter kit for your next GraphQL project.