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Type Safe Infrastructure, Part 2 — GraphQL APIs with AWS AppSync

In the second part of his tutorial series, Samuel Goodwin demonstrates how to set up a GraphQL API hosted on AWS AppSync. He goes into detail about the benefits of AppSync as a managed service, what some of the downsides are, and how to create and deploy a GraphQL API on it. Follow along with Samuel for in-depth instructions on how to use GraphQL on AWS AppSync.

Building a Jamstack app with Nuxt, Vue and FaunaDB

FaunaDB is becoming an increasingly popular database choice for use with GraphQL. In this article, Rami Shashati shows how to build a full-stack application with Nuxt, Vue, and FaunaDB, all with GraphQL. Follow along for an end-to-end example of building a GraphQL app using these popular technologies.

Generating TypeScript types and React Hooks based on a GraphQL endpoint

In this brief tutorial, Danilo Woznica shows how to generate both TypeScript types and React hooks from a GraphQL schema. He talks about what graphql-codegen is, how to set it up in a new project, and how to configure it to output types from a given schema.

Using Apollo’s local cache for global state management with React+Typescript, codegen, and remote resolvers

In this tutorial, Mason Goetz covers how to use Apollo for global state management in a React application built with TypeScript. He covers how to set up local queries and mutations, how to use the GraphQL schema locally for type definitions and codegen, and how to use graphql-codegen to create custom hooks.


GraphQL + Jamstack for Enterprise Apps with Shruti Kapoor

In this Learn with Jason session, Shruti Kapoor chats with Jason Lengstorf about how the JAMStack can be used in enterprise settings. She goes into detail about GraphQL, microservices, serverless, and more.

JavaScript Marathon: Fullstack React + GraphQL in 60 Minutes

In this JavaScript Marathon session, Shawn Wang teaches us how to build a full-stack serverless app with React and GraphQL deployed to AWS Amplify. To demonstrate, Shawn builds out a todos app and shows how to build in authentication and storage. Follow along to see how you can easily deploy your React and GraphQL apps to AWS Amplify.