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Tools & Open Source


Play with this open source Minecraft clone built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and NodeJS all on the browser! This project brings the whole PC game Minecraft onto the web with the power of Javascript. It’s a work in progress, and although features still need to be implemented, you can check out how the current graphics and neatly styled game UI were built.


Type safety in microservices using GraphQL and TypeScript

This two part series details how to handle type safety in a microservices architecture. The blog discusses the different schema approaches, code-first and schema-first, and how to generate Typescript types from your schema. Part 1 focuses on type safety between the frontend and backend and includes examples using GraphQL Codegen to convert types exposed in a GraphQL schema back into TypeScript types.

Architecting a Roles & Permissions System Using Rails, GraphQL & React

This in-depth tutorial explains how Atrium, a tech-enabled law firm, has designed and built a custom permissions system that allows for more efficient and logical workflows. Sam Henderson adds useful advice and tips on how to establish goals for permission systems, naming conventions, and how to bundle permission sets into roles.

Community & Events

The Guild Takes over Development of the GraphQL CLI & Other Libraries

The Guild is excited to announce that they’re taking over development of Prisma’s open source libraries graphql-cli, graphql-config, graphql-import, and graphql-binding. They explain the next steps for each of the libraries and even include links to the roadmap discussions. Find out how you can get more involved with the future development of these GraphQL libraries and the open source GraphQL community.

Meet our speakers for GraphQL Summit 2019!

Information about the speakers for GraphQL Summit 2019 is out! This blog gives a preview of the interesting talks that include over 40 speakers from companies like Github, Airbnb, Microsoft, and more. The GraphQL Summit 2019 is also offering several new scholarship programs to build a diverse and inclusive conference.