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Apollo Client, now with React Hooks

Apollo is thrilled to announce the addition of React Hooks to Apollo Client! The useQuery, useMutation, and useSubscription hooks will help reduce boilerplate and unnecessary data management code, handle multiple mutations, and significantly reduce bundle size. With improved TypeScript support, it makes writing type-safe React components that much easier.

How companies are making GraphQL work in the real world

This article discusses how companies like Apollo and Github have handled the variety of challenges and successes faced when commercially implementing GraphQL into their APIs. The article also investigates the different schema design patterns for GraphQL and best practices in determining what the API should represent.


GraphQL Recipes - Building APIs with GraphQL Transform

Learn how to utilize the GraphQL Transform library which allows you to deploy AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with features like NoSQL databases, authentication, and more. Nader Dabit demonstrates how to use the 7 directives offered by GraphQL Transform to build out the backends for various example apps. He also provides all the resources and instructions for deploying these apps at the top of the tutorial.

Mock your GraphQL Server realistically with Faker.js

Have you been in a situation where your GraphQL server needs to use an API that is not implemented yet? Take a look at faker.js, a library that allows you to generate dummy data in node or in the browser. Frin Yvonnick guides you through how to set up an Apollo server and implement a GraphQL endpoint. Then, Yvonnick utilizes faker.js to write custom mocked resolvers and pass them to an Apollo server.


Code talks about GraphQL

Codetalks.tv offers a wide range of tech talks from various conferences, from GraphQL Day to the JSConf Hawaii 2019. It’s a great place to find information on the latest tech events or even submit your own talk!