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Fullstack template for React GraphQL project

Tomek Poniatowicz provides three fullstack React GraphQL boilerplates to help get any project set up quickly and efficiently. Each boilerplate comes with different features to fit your needs. The minimal boilerplate comes packaged with a GraphQL server and a pre-configured Apollo Client, while the basic and advanced boilerplates come with a GraphQL database, tooling, and a pre-configured graphql-config setup.

GraphQL, Auto Persisted Queries, CDN Support and Getting it work on Native App.

This article by Henry Hong explains how to address performance issues in GraphQL by using Auto Persisted Queries. Auto Persisted Queries (APQs) allows the query mapping record to be added from a normal request. Hong also provides a step by step guide on how to implement Auto Persisted Queries in a mobile application.

Not Sold Yet, GraphQL: A Humble Tale from Skeptic to Enthusiast

Garrett Heinlen from Netflix explains how GraphQL was important for evolving Netflix’s schema to the next level. Heinlen talks about how GrpahQL provides unity with separate teams and helps an entire organization communicate in a more efficient way. In addition, Heinlen discusses the challenges that arose when using GraphQL at scale.


Tools for Building API's with GraphQL

Burke Holland and Chris Noring present five critical tools for building APIs with GraphQL. They provide a brief description and use case for all the tools discussed. This is a great intro to the GraphQL tools ecosystem.

Tools & Open Source


Introducing Warthog, a Node.js GraphQL API framework for quickly building consistent GraphQL APIs. Every API comes equipped with sorting, filtering, and pagination out of the box. Explore how Warthog automatically generates your Database Schema, GraphQL schema, and more!