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Using GraphQL Playground with Gatsby

In this article, Adebiyi Adedotun guides you through the steps needed to switch the default GraphiQL IDE to GraphQL Playground while developing with GatsbyJS. GraphQL Playground provides features to further help with development, such as automatic schema reloading, multiple tabs, and query history.

Nullability in GraphQL

This article goes over the best practices on how to properly use Nullability in GraphQL. When used properly, Nullability allows for further resiliency, graceful UI degradation, frictionless user workflows, and more.

Why GraphQL Performance Monitoring is Hard

Do you struggle monitoring performance with GraphQL? You aren’t the only one. This article explains why it can be a challenge, and offers some alternative approaches to monitor properly, as well as provides suggestions on how to detect anomalies.

Tools & Open Source


GraphQL Zeus is a powerful tool built by the team at GraphQL Editor. Zeus provides an autocomplete client library for Javascript and Typescript. Learn how to use and install Zeus for your projects in this GitHub repo.


Next Generation Intelligent Data Lakes, Powered by GraphQL

This interesting video discusses how GraphQL can easily connect and access data stored on any type of database technology or API. Ed Lima describes the different use cases where AWS AppSync and GraphQL power next-generation applications. Lastly, Candid Partners, shares how it uses AWS AppSync in its Data Fabric solution to simplify large-scale data management using a GraphQL API to interact with data lakes.