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Building a Serverless JAMStack Todo app with Netlify, Gatsby, GraphQL, and FaunaDB

In this video tutorial series, Chris Biscardi guides through the process of building a JAMStack to-do app, built with Netlify, Gatsby, GraphQL, and FaunaDB. The guide uses a composition of modern serverless tools to build a GraphQL API deployed to Netlify in a modular way. Follow along to see how GraphQL combined with the JAMStack allows for few operational overhead while keeping future upgrade paths open.

How to build a GraphQL server with Swift and Vapor

In this post, Alexander showcases building a GraphQL server with the Swift framework Vapor. Swift has been gaining popularity in recent years since its release. The tutorial covers taking an example REST API, constructing a GraphQL schema programatically and converting the API into a GraphQL server, albeit without a database.

Build a GraphQL API in Golang with MySQL and GORM using Gqlgen

Follow along with Raj Kumar in building a GraphQL API with Go, using an ORM and MySQL. Raj unpacks many of the details and assumptions related to the components in this architecture. He also covers some of the pain points related to using Gqlgen, the schema-first GraphQL library which generates skeleton resolvers.


Colocating GraphQL Fragments

In this video, Leigh Halliday demos the power of colocating fragments, which provides the option to split your queries up in such a way that the various fields fetched by the queries are located right alongside the code that uses the field. Follow along as he shares how this allows for a more cohesive development experience along with TypeScript compatibility.


Building a GraphQL server with Kotlin + Ktor

Check out this tutorial on building a fully functioning GraphQL API with Ktor and JWT authentication. The tutorial walks through how to define the routes for your application, setting up an authentication feature, and adding GraphQL support. It also provides examples on implementing KGraphQL, which works well with Ktor.


Ultimate toolchain to work with GraphQL in Flutter

This article provides insight on Vasil Vasilich’s experiments with GraphQL in Flutter, exploring the various tools available to find the best toolset for high performance. The blog demos how to quickly build a dummy Flutter app as a measure to test various tools. It takes a look at artemis, graphql-flutter, and the js-graphql-intellij-plugin, resulting in a stable approach with GraphQL with the full extent of types and autocompletion.

File Upload with GraphQL, Apollo Server, Hapi 18+, and React

Follow along in this tutorial where Rohit Pandey from Expedia Group explains how to stream binary data using GraphQL. He includes a working demo of file upload and resources on using apollo-graphql with the hapi node.js framework on Repl.it and CodeSandbox. Handle multiple file uploads as well as read/write the file stream to disk in this tutorial.


Build a Meal Ticketing App with GraphQL and Apollo React Hooks

Chris Nwamba's tutorial on creating a meal ticketing app, inspired by a forgotten meal ticket at a conference, goes over how one can create an app using GraphQL, Apollo, React Hooks, and 8Base. The tutorial walks through the entire process in detail and links out to the full project repo in the conclusion.

200 OK! Error Handling in GraphQL

In her tutorial on how to more effectively model errors in a GraphQL schema, Sasha Solomon outlines that there are two ways to think about errors: actual errors and results. In the rest of the article she highlights how to make the results more specific and effective for the developer. A written version of her conference talk, she wraps up the article by linking out to a couple places where one can see her live presentation on the same topic.


From zero to a serverless GraphQL endpoint in a flash

Learn how to create a serverless GraphQL endpoint in this tutorial where they explain how to work with server less functions, deploy on AWS Lambda, and utilize the Netlify CLI tool. This guide breaks down how to build your schema and resolvers, and interact with the endpoint using the GraphQL playground. Explore the example code as well as the files created throughout the tutorial in the GitHub repository at the end.


An Introduction Tutorial To Apollo GraphQL Federation

Learn about what Apollo Federation and what problems that federation is trying to solve with a real-time example. This tutorial explains the Apollo GraphQL Federation core concepts, such as entities and keys and external type references, through multiple examples. The article also depicts how to build a microservice that contains various services and an API gateway.


React Form Validation With Formik, Yup, and GraphQL

This in-depth guide demonstrates how to validate a React user registration form by building a React and Apollo client with an Express and GraphQL Yoga server. The tutorial provides a server boilerplate and walks through using Yup for error validation. On the client side, the tutorial explains how to use the Higher Order Component version of Formik to pass a validation schema.


Football Transfers Graph App with the GRANDstack Starter Kit

This tutorial goes into detail on how to create an app with GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j using a starter kit template that can be found in the article. It demonstrates how to use neo4j-graphql-js library to generate an initial GraphQL schema and how to manipulate the results of the query to populate tables. Mark Needham also provides examples on modifying GraphQL types and mapping a custom Cypher query to a type.


GraphQL Recipes - Building APIs with GraphQL Transform

Learn how to utilize the GraphQL Transform library which allows you to deploy AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with features like NoSQL databases, authentication, and more. Nader Dabit demonstrates how to use the 7 directives offered by GraphQL Transform to build out the backends for various example apps. He also provides all the resources and instructions for deploying these apps at the top of the tutorial.

Mock your GraphQL Server realistically with Faker.js

Have you been in a situation where your GraphQL server needs to use an API that is not implemented yet? Take a look at faker.js, a library that allows you to generate dummy data in node or in the browser. Frin Yvonnick guides you through how to set up an Apollo server and implement a GraphQL endpoint. Then, Yvonnick utilizes faker.js to write custom mocked resolvers and pass them to an Apollo server.


GraphQL on Rails: 3 Part Series

Check out this extensive 3 part series on developing GraphQL APIs with Rails on the backend and React/Apollo on the frontend. The guide explains how to set up a Rails server from scratch and walks through how to prepare the data model. Learn how to manipulate data using GraphQL mutations and keep it up-to-date with subscriptions in parts 2 and 3.

Optimizing Queries with the GraphQL Code Generator

This article explains how to use GraphQL Fragments with Apollo Client and the Relay compiler to transform queries before GraphQL Code Generator outputs generated code. The article includes a working codegen/relay plugin and demonstrates how to configure it for any react-apollo project.


GraphQL Tutorial Series

Check out Hasura’s 2 hour GraphQL Tutorial series on what GraphQL is and how to integrate GraphQL APIs with different web/mobile frameworks. They currently have tutorials using React, Vue, iOS, Hasura, and many more coming soon. The tutorials take you step by step from setting up a GraphQL client with Apollo to creating subscriptions and receiving realtime data.


Schema Stitching with Hot Chocolate on ASP.Net Core

Hot Chocolate is a .net GraphQL server that introduces schema stitching to the .net platform. The article walks you through what schema stitching is and what it can do for you. It shows how to setup a GraphQL gateway that stitches multiple schemas and creates one consistent schema for your consumers

Securing GraphQL Services without Code

A short tutorial illustrating how a GraphQL proxy can help increase security in a GraphQL backend, this article discusses two possible solutions. Both hinge on the use of GraphQL Go Tools. In the first example, the article covers using the tools with Prisma and in the second, the combination of the tooling with Neo4j.


GraphQL with Golang: A Deep Dive From Basics To Advanced

This piece offers an introductory tutorial of GraphQL with Go. Using gqlgen and working with the hypothetical example of a video publishing site, this article walks the reader from queries, mutations, subscriptions, etc, to more advanced topics, including authentication and optimizing the queries themselves.

Create Fullstack Applications with GraphQL and Apollo

This playlist on egghead.io by Eve Porcello and Alex Banks covers everything you need to get started with GraphQL, Apollo Server, and Apollo Client.

SwagQL: Generate customizable GraphQL schema from Swagger spec

This article covers the use of SwagQL at Groupon. SwagQL builds a GraphQL schema from a Swagger (or Open API) spec that provides GraphQL Types, Queries, and Mutations. The generated schema can be customized using babel plugins. Offering a tutorial on using SwagQL with Swagger's Pet Store example, the piece goes over building a GraphQL interface for that backend. It is always interesting to see the various approaches companies take when working with GraphQL and Swagger together in production.


Fully functional WhatsApp Clone using Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL

A rich tutorial in 13 steps, this article is the introduction to an updated version of a Whatsapp clone tutorial from 2015. The tutorial, published earlier this week, takes great care to cover best practices when building an app. The subjects covered in the piece include basic authentication, subscriptions, and advanced tooling.

GraphQL (with React, Angular, Vue, and Node)

A 4 day GraphQL (with React, Angular, Vue, and Node) bootcamp, this live-streamed and recorded video covers working with GraphQL on a client in all popular frontend frameworks as well as how to create your own GraphQL server with various solutions. Taking advantage of Youtube's livestream feature, the video has not only the traditional comments at the bottom but also a real time log of the conversations and viewer questions.


Try GraphQL

A fun, interactive GraphQL tutorial, Try GraphQL takes a user from running a simple query in GraphQL, all the way up to querying from a react app. With a cool aesthetic and interesting challenges throughout, this is a fun way to practice and get familiar with GraphQL.