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GraphQL concepts I wish someone explained to me a year ago

A deep and helpful seven part series on GraphQL! In it Naresh Bhatia covers Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions for client and server implementations. The series distinguishes itself by deliberately covering a more advanced GraphQL example. It sets up a potential real life example of books, authors, and publishers to highlight some of the more complex problems that the relationships between entities can cause in GraphQL.


Apollo Server and Express

In the following tutorial, you are going to implement server-side architecture with GraphQL and Apollo Server. Apollo Server on top of graphql-js aims to simplify building GraphQL servers in JavaScript. Checkout this tutorial to get an awesome boilerplate for your future GraphQL projects.


GraphQL APIs for Database Administration

This article by Michael Hunger, explores the concept of database administration through GraphQL. Leveraging Neo4j, by installing the neo4j-graphqlextension you will have a nice admin api put of the box. After the simple click to install, you'll be ready to play with your Admin API via GraphiQL or GraphQL Playground.

Connecting Phoenix Applications with Absinthe and Subscriptions

In this tutorial, Eric Sullivan from Annkissam dives into leveraging GraphQL Subscriptions in your Elixir/Phoenix applications. This tutorial will have you exploring a simple application with Absinthe Phoenix building data models to GraphQL schemas. You'll be up and running with subscriptions in no time!


A Gentle Introduction to GraphQL with Elixir and Phoenix

This tutorial by Brandon Richey is an excellent introductory guide for Elixir/Phoenix developers that want to learn how to get started with GraphQL. Bonus points for a great structure and detailled instructions!

GraphQL Dynamic Persisted Queries

Corey Clark teaches you how to build a fullstack app (React & Node) that uses dynamic persisted queries. It's great to see more tutorials that are touching on non-trivial use cases for GraphQL - huge shoutout to Corey for that!


Build a Simple GraphQL Server with GraphQL Yoga

This GraphQL lesson by Christian Nwamba on the amazing egghead.io website takes you through the process of setting up a GraphQL server with the graphql-yoga library. The easiest way to get started with GraphQL!

GraphQL Shield

The GraphQL Shield library allows to implement authorization logic in your GraphQL server based on graphql-middleware. In this tutorial, Matic Zavadlal explains how to build a simple groceries shopping application that manages permissions with graphql-shield.


Getting Started With GraphQL Using Golang

Golang developers watch out - this one is for you! Nic Raboy wrote an excellent introduction tutorial demonstrating how to get started with Go and GraphQL using the graphql-go library. Give it a read if you want to learn how you can up your API game!


Render Props in React Apollo 2.1

The new render props API in React Apollo 2.1. is all the hype right now. Learn how to use the new <code>Query</code> and <code>Mutation</code> components in this comprehensive tutorial.

Intro to GraphQL in React Using React Apollo & Apollo Boost

alligator.io is known for the great frontend tutorials on their site! This tutorial is a thorough introduction to using React together with the apollo-boost package.

Updated Node.js tutorial on How to GraphQL

The Node tutorial on How to GraphQL recently saw a major update. If you want to learn how to build GraphQL servers entirely from scratch, be sure to check it out!


Typescript Types for GraphQL Resolvers (Video)

The awesome Ben Awad just released another video tutorial. This time he's taking a closer look at how to leverage the types defined in the GraphQL schema when implementing resolvers with TypeScript. By the way, if you haven't checked out Ben's Youtube channel yet - you definitely should!


What the hell is Prisma, the GraphQL thing?

Brandon Paquette untangles the GraphQL ecosystem by giving an explanation of Prisma and how it fits into your stack. It's a great read for everyone who feels overwhelmed with the recent developments in the GraphQL community and is seeking for some clarity. An excellent read!

Migrating a Phoenix and Elm app from REST to GraphQL

Many developers still are not aware of the fact that GraphQL is language-agnostic and thus can also be used outside the JavaScript ecosystem. In this post, Paul Fioravanti describes his path of migrating a Phoenix/Elm app from REST to GraphQL.


How to wrap a REST API with GraphQL

Wrapping REST APIs is one of the most exciting applications of GraphQL! This tutorial describes how you can turn a REST into a GraphQL API in 3 simple steps.
If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to also watch Jon Wong's talk from the last GraphQL SF Meetup: Wrapping REST with GraphQL.


How to build a GraphQL Server with `graphql-yoga`

graphql-yoga is a GraphQL server library that provides a simple and clean API. In this instructive tutorial, you'll learn how to use it to build a GraphQL server from scratch. Along the way, different concepts are covered like defining and implementing a GraphQL schema, using GraphQL bindings (schema stitching), graphlq-config and a lot more.

Handling errors in GraphQL

Error handling still is a commonly discussed issue in the GraphQL community and best practices are yet to emerge. André König presents a consistent and robust approach to error handling based on apollo-errors.


Deploying GraphQL Servers with Now

The landscape for server deployment has drastically improved over the past years. A few years ago, it was common practice to SSH into a remote machine and start the server there. Today, there are awesome new tools and abstractions that make server deployment a breeze. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to deploy a GraphQL server and make it available instantly on the web. The tutorial is based on Now, an awesome one-click deployment tool.

GraphQL Server Tutorial: File handling with AWS S3

One question many GraphQL developers come across is how to deal with files in their GraphQL server implementations. In this awesome tutorial, Matic Zavadlal guides you through the process of building a file handling API based on Prisma and AWS S3.


A Reasonable GraphQL Exploration (Part 1)

The Reason programming language is gaining more and more traction in the React community, thanks to its strong type system, functional programming features and overall expressiveness. In this tutorial, Brandon Konkle gives an excellent motivation and introduction for why Reason and GraphQL are a fantastic fit! Check out a sample project here.

Frontend tutorials: React / Vue + Apollo Client

The folks over at GraphCMS have been ramping up their tutorials and examples game lately. If you're new to GraphQL and want to learn about how it's used on the frontend with React or Vue, check out their new tutorials for building a blogging application with Apollo Client! The backend is setup hazzle-free using their graphical user interface, so you don't need to fiddle around with server-side code and can get started building your frontend right away 🚀


Building a GraphQL server with graphql-yoga

This is another great tutorial from Alligator.io. This time, it's about building your own GraphQL server using graphql-yoga, a server-side GraphQL library building on top of graphql-tools, express, apollo-server and more.


Type-Safe GraphQL with OCaml (Part 1)

Thanks to the GraphQL SDL and its strong type system, GraphQL goes particularly well together with strongly typed programming languages. In this tutorial, Andreas Garnæs gives an introduction to using GraphQL with OCaml.

Custom errors and error reporting in GraphQL

GraphQL is still a very young technology with several challenges to be solved, one of them is finding best practices around error handling and reporting. Konstantin Tarkus wrote a great tutorial on this topic, presenting a couple of code recipies for throwing custom errors and logging errors.


GraphQL Authentication with React Native & Apollo

This excellent tutorial by Spencer Carli teaches how to implement authentication with GraphQL and React Native. For the server, the tutorial uses Express and MongoDB and authentication is implemented using JSON Web Tokens (JTW).

Apollo 2.0 Quickstart Tutorial

Want to quickly get started with Apollo Client 2.0? The React & Apollo Quickstart tutorial in the Graphcool documentation has been updated to now use the new version of Apollo Client. Check it our and have your own React/GraphQL app up and running in less than 5 minutes.