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New Gatsby Source WordPress Plugin Now in Beta

Gatsby recently announced their new plugin for WordPress which is now in beta. One of the ways to use the plugin is with GraphQL using WPGraphQL by Jason Bahl. This article covers some of the technical details around the WPGraphQL plugin and how it interacts with WordPress data. Specifically, with the WPGraphQL plugin, WordPress can be used as a headless CMS. The article also gets into some of the motivations behind WPGraphQL and the benefits it offers over REST.


Build a JAMStack app with React, Fauna, GraphQL, Serverless

In this video, James Q Quick provides a crash course on how to build full stack applications with React, Netlify Functions, FaunaDB, and GraphQL. He provides the full source code for the lesson as well as a deployed sample app. Follow along with James' jam-packed course to learn how to build full-stack apps with these great technologies.


Building Serverless GraphQL API in Node with Express and Netlify

In this article, Matthew Ström covers how to create a GraphQL API deployed to a serverless function on Netlify. He covers the core concepts of GraphQL itself, serverless, node, and express. Matthew then shows all the code necessary to deploy a fully-functional GraphQL API on a Netlify serverless function. Follow this tutorial for a deep-dive on how to use GraphQL and Netlify together.

GraphQL Recipes (V2) - Building APIs with GraphQL Transform

In this article, Nader Dabit provides a major update to his original tutorial covering how to build APIs with GraphQL and Transform. With GraphQL Transform, you can deploy AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with features like NoSQL databases, authentication, elasticsearch engines, lambda function resolvers, relationships, authorization, and more using GraphQL schema directives. Follow along as Nader demonstrates these features by building out an app to track events.

GraphQL Playground Complete Overview

In this tutorial, Holiviel Valdez provides a comprehensive overview of GraphQL Playground and its features. The tutorial contains many annotated screenshots of the Playground and goes into detail on how they are used. Follow along as Holiviel uncovers many of the features of GraphQL Playground that can benefit your development experience.

Podcasts and Shows

Matt Debergalis on GraphQL and Data Modelling in the Enterprise

Matt Debergalis, founder and CTO at Apollo, was interviewed by InfoQ podcast co-host Daniel Bryant. They discussed a range of topics, including: the motivations for GraphQL, the Apollo Data Graph platform, data modelling in an enterprise context, and how incrementally adopting GraphQL can help with decoupling the evolution of frontend and backend systems.