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GraphQL for beginners

In this post, Danijel gives a soft introduction to GraphQL with some useful analogies for developers coming from REST style APIs. Danijel uses diagrams to show how GraphQL queries are resolved on the server side.

Optimization GraphQL resolvers with lookaheads

Follow along with Boopathi as he explains what lookaheads are and how they can improve your GraphQL server. Boopathi demonstrates the situations in which it's possible to utilize lookaheads and how to use this technique to only fetch necessary fields, reducing both DB load and unnecessary traffic.


Building a GraphQL server in Next.js

Check out this tutorial that covers building a GraphQL server with Next.js. Next.js has been gaining popularity in the React.js community thanks to its server side rendering support and easy integration with the Zeit Now platform. Leigh Halliday guides you through the process in a lean fashion, which begins with a dummy GraphQL server and takes you to integration with a PostgreSQL database, all while avoiding the N+1 problem common to GraphQL implementations.

Fluent GraphQL clients: how to write queries like a boss

In this post, Sezgi Ulucam explores the benefits of Fluent APIs and compares fluent GraphQL clients, like gotql and graphql-binding. Fluent GraphQL clients allow you to write queries programmatically rather than using strings, which can prevent developer errors at build time while improving productivity.


Building a GraphQL Client with React and MongoDB

In this video, Joe delves into building a GraphQL client with MongoDB, using the new GraphQL on MongoDB's Serverless platform, Stitch. The video is very beginner friendly and Joe guides in an easy going and cheerful way through the whole process.