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Robust GraphQL mutations the Relay way

This post explores some of the complications faced when designing the mutations part of a GraphQL API and the best practices to follow based on the Relay's API spec for mutations. David Chanin explains how these practices are applicable more generally, even if you're not using Relay on the frontend.

GraphQL is Not "Better" Than REST

A thought provoking and opinionated post about the semantic differences between GraphQL and REST and how they can't be directly compared as one is a query language while the other is an architectural style. Fagner Brack challenges in the post common conventions and includes a list of interesting resources on the topic.


Building a Serverless JAMStack Todo app with Netlify, Gatsby, GraphQL, and FaunaDB

In this video tutorial series, Chris Biscardi guides through the process of building a JAMStack to-do app, built with Netlify, Gatsby, GraphQL, and FaunaDB. The guide uses a composition of modern serverless tools to build a GraphQL API deployed to Netlify in a modular way. Follow along to see how GraphQL combined with the JAMStack allows for few operational overhead while keeping future upgrade paths open.

How to build a GraphQL server with Swift and Vapor

In this post, Alexander showcases building a GraphQL server with the Swift framework Vapor. Swift has been gaining popularity in recent years since its release. The tutorial covers taking an example REST API, constructing a GraphQL schema programatically and converting the API into a GraphQL server, albeit without a database.

Build a GraphQL API in Golang with MySQL and GORM using Gqlgen

Follow along with Raj Kumar in building a GraphQL API with Go, using an ORM and MySQL. Raj unpacks many of the details and assumptions related to the components in this architecture. He also covers some of the pain points related to using Gqlgen, the schema-first GraphQL library which generates skeleton resolvers.