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Build a serverless, real-time application with modern APIs: The GraphQL Real-time Race

AWS has some powerful tools for building real-time applications. In this tutorial, Mark Ramrattan documents his experience completing the AWS GraphQL Real-time Race Workshop, and steps through how to use AWS AppSync, AWS Amplify, Amazon Location Service to build a real-time Formula 1 tracking application.

GraphQL Exploitation - Part 3- Injection attacks and XSS attacks

Like any API technology, GraphQL is vulnerable to malicious attacks, and needs to be configured correctly to avoid being compromised. In this article, Manmeet explores how a default GraphQL configuration could be vulnerable to injection attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Collecting GraphQL Live Query Resource Identifier with GraphQL Tools

GraphQL live queries can be a more elegant solution for handling real-time updates than subscriptions. In this article, Laurin Quast investigates whether subscribing to changes in data, rather than events, could allow for more efficient queries and reduce unnecessary updates to the client's cache.

Tools & Open Source

Juniper - A GraphQL server library for Rust

Juniper is a Rust library for building type-safe and blazingly fast GraphQL servers. It provides building blocks to add GraphQL to an existing web server, with pre-built integrations for the Actix, Hyper, Iron, Rocket, and Warp frameworks. It also includes a GraphQL Playground for easy exploration and debugging.


GraphQL in Flutter - Building a Mobile Shop using Saleor API

Flutter is a an open-source framework created by Google to simplify building an app across multiple platforms. In this tutorial, Jakub Neander shows how the Saleor GraphQL API can be used to easily create a mobile e-commerce app.


Monitoring your GraphQL API with Fastify, Mercurius, and Prisma

In this talk, Daniel Norman shows how Fastify, Mercurius and Prisma can be used to create a GraphQL server. He also explores best practices to ensure the reliable operation of a GraphQL server and how to troubleshoot in production.

Building a WebAssembly GraphQL Client

WebAssemby is a super efficient, low-level language that can be used to create JavaScript modules. In this stream, Connor and Francis attempt to build a GraphQL client using WebAssembly.