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The Do's and Don’ts of Testing Apollo in React

Writing tests is essential for any application that aims to be scalable, robust and allow its developers to sleep at night. In this article, Adam Hannigan explains how React Testing Library can be used to test a GraphQL API, and help improve the confidence and quality of releases.

On scaling graphql subscriptions

GraphQL is a superb technology. But as with all technologies, you may end up shooting yourself in the foot. In this article Alexandre Gaudencio explains how Slite designed their first real-time GraphQL implementation, how it ended up DDOS-ing their system, and how they fixed it.

Tools & Open Source

Here Comes Quell: the Better Caching Solution for GraphQL

GraphQL allows developers to request multiple resources from a single URL. This makes standard HTTP caching challenging. Quell is an open-source, lightweight JavaScript library that enables efficient caching for GraphQL requests on both the client and server.

Introducing Spring GraphQL

Spring GraphQL is a GraphQL library for Java's Spring framework. In this article Rossen Stoyanchev goes through some of the features that have made it into the 1.0 milestone, and what's coming next.


Real-time GraphQL APIs with Prisma and AWS AppSync

Building real-time GraphQL APIs is hard and time-consuming. In this lightning talk, Sylvain Simao demonstrates how Prisma-AppSync can be used to generate a production-ready GraphQL API for all CRUD operations, including real-time subscriptions.

Reintroducing Schema Stitching in 2021

Schema stitching is a way to create a single GraphQL schema for multiple services. In this video, Greg Macwilliam goes through some of the new features of The Guild's Schema Stitching library and how it compares to Apollo Federation.