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Autogenerate GraphQL API from Prisma schema

Building GraphQL APIs doesn't have to mean writing all the types by hand. In this talk, Michał Lytek demonstrates how to quickly create a GraphQL CRUD API using the Prisma integration for TypeGraphQL.


Analyzing public data from Google Trends, StackOverflow, GitHub and HackerNews

Is the GraphQL hype over? In this article, WunderGraph uses BigQuery to compare datasets from Google Trends, HackerNews, GitHub and StackOverflow, in an attempt to determine whether interest in GraphQL is in decline.

Using GraphQL to ship features before they’re done

GraphQL represents a fundamental shift in how developers build features. In this article, Joe Staller hypothesizes how a decoupled schema can provide the kind of flexibility that enables a zero-downtime migration - allowing partially-complete features to be shipped.

Securing a GraphQL API using rate and depth limits

GraphQL makes writing queries across related datasets super convenient. Unfortunately, this can lead to computationally expensive queries that slow down the server. In this article, Kumar Abhirup looks at how implementing rate and depth limiting can help to reduce the complexity of queries - significantly improving the performance of a GraphQL server, and reducing the impact of malicious attacks.

Modeling an Instagram clone using GraphQL and Dgraph Cloud

GraphQL helps to encapsulate the interconnected relationship between entities in an application. In this article, Abu Sakib steps through modeling the schema for an Instagram clone, and how this could be implemented using Dgraphql Cloud.

Why you can't replace REST with GraphQL

Is GraphQL actually a replacement for REST? In this article, Suhas Deshpande explains how Courier are using a combination of both to serve their customers, and why it might not be as simple as implementing one option or the other.