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Apollo Product Update: Launch Observability

Apollo builds GraphQL tooling that makes it hard to justify using anything else! In this product update, Joe McCarron will be discussing and demoing new Apollo features that make it easy to gather information about past schema launches and observe in-progress launches in real-time.


Exploring promising new feature proposals for the GraphQL Spec

The GraphQL specification is an ongoing work in progress. It is fueled by a vibrant community of awesome individuals, who regularly assess new potential features and guidelines to improve the spec. In this article, Leonardo Losoviz picks five proposed feature requests from the GraphQL Spec GitHub repo, and demonstrates how these could be used to drive the spec forward.

Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 4: GraphQL in Node.js

The Node.js reference architecture is a collection of documents from Red Hat and IBM, that aims to provide some guidance on developing Node.js applications. In part four of this series, Wojciech Trocki steps through some of the discussions the team had about implementing a GraphQL server - accompanied by comical illustrations.

Introducing Apollo Server 3

Apollo Server is one of the easiest ways to create a GraphQL API. Join Vivek Ravishankar, as he steps through some of the "under the hood" improvements the team have been working on, that will improve Apollo's ability to build better, more extensible features over time.

Introducing Envelop - The GraphQL Plugin System

Envelop is The Guild's new plugin system for GraphQL. In this article, Dotan Simha steps through why GraphQL needs a plugin system, and how Envelop solves this problem.


A first look at PostGraphile with Railway

PostGraphile introspects an existing Postgres schema to generate a GraphQL API. In this tutorial, Anthony Campolo steps through how to host a Postgres database with Railway, and use PostGraphile to generate a GraphQL server.