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Building A GraphQL Server With Next.js and Neo4j

Neo4j can be used to generate a full CRUD API for GraphQL. In this tutorial, William Lyon demonstrates how little custom code is required to create a GraphQL server using Next.js and Neo4j.

GraphQL in Svelte with Apollo

Svelte is a component-based web framework that compiles itself away, leaving only the code that is absolutely necessary for the app to run. In this course, Kiran Abburi steps through building a real-time, authenticated Svelte app backed by GraphQL.

Create an API for real-time chatting app with GraphQL (4 Steps)

MongoDB is a simple and flexible way to store data. In this article, Nishchit Dhanani discusses the differences between SQL and No-SQL Databases, and demonstrates how MongoDB can be used alongside GraphQL Yoga to create a real-time chat application.


React and GraphQL Crash Course with Strapi

Strapi is a headless CMS that exposes both a REST and GraphQL API. In this course, The Net Ninja walks through creating a project with Strapi, and requesting data via GraphQL from a stand alone React application.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL API for Wordpress version 0.8 released!

GraphQL API for Wordpress is a Wordpress plugin that, you guessed it, allows you to add a GraphQL API to Wordpress! In version 0.8, the codebase has been refactored to enable extensions and more closely align with the GraphQL specification.


GraphQL Meetup: Scaling GraphQL APIs with Apollo Federation

Apollo Federation is a way to unify a collection of data sources into a single GraphQL API. This can help to scale GraphQL in complex enterprise systems. In this hands-on workshop, Eve Porcello will provide a deep dive on Apollo Federation and demonstrate how to combine a collection of GraphQL APIs into a single GraphQL gateway.