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Tools & Open Source

Amplication - Auto-generate Node.js apps

Amplication is an open-source development tool that helps build quality Node.js applications. Create a project, specify your types and it will generate a REST API, GraphQL API and a front-end to manage your data.


SwiftGraphQL - A GraphQL client for Swift

SwiftGraphQL is a lightweight GraphQL client for the Swift programming language. In this article, Matic Zavadlal gives a brief introduction of the project and its goals, and demonstrates how easy it is to get started.

Why Your Organization Needs a Federated Graph Interface

Microservices help to encapsulate functionality into small, single responsibility pieces. This can reduce dependencies across teams, but may make querying data more complex. In this article, Nicolas Bohorquez argues the importance of a Federated GraphQL architecture and explains how Apollo can help to aggregate data across multiple data sources.


Turning the Cloud Inside Out

GraphQL is being used as more than just an alternative to REST. In this talk, Nader Dabit demonstrates how GraphQL can be used to build blockchain apps with Ethereum, 3rd-party API aggregation with OneGraph, and walks through implementing a cloud programming interface for AWS.

GraphQL and Skateboarding

As of 2020, Skateboarding is an Olympic sport! In this stream, Trevor Blades shows how GraphQL can be used to build a scoring system for Skateboarding tricks.