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GraphQL Observability with Hasura

Diagnosing performance issues in GraphQL can be difficult. In this article, Gavin Ray goes through some of the tools that are available in Hasura, as well as common pitfalls and useful tips to help get better visibility over the performance of an API.

Announcing the Release of Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0

Neo4j helps build intelligent applications and machine learning workflows in GraphQL. In this article, Darrell Warde talks through some of the new features released as part of version 2.0.0.

Why GraphQL should not be in WordPress core

GraphQL makes it easy to query data across multiple sources. This can expose protected data if not configured correctly. In this article, Leonardo Losoviz explains why, as the creator of a GraphQL plugin for Wordpress, it should not be included in Wordpress Core.

Deeply Understand the GraphQL N+1 Issue and DataLoader

GraphQL helps reduce the over-fetching of unnecessary data, however, poorly constructed, deep queries can cause multiple, expensive trips to the database. In this article, Vanessa Lutz explains the N+1 issue, and how this can be solved with tooling.

Common GraphQL Misconceptions: A rant

Is GraphQL secure? In this article, SecurityGOAT clears up some misconceptions about GraphQL, and talks through how some of its convenience features could make it vulnerable to attacks.


GraphQL Mesh as a Gateway

GraphQL Mesh acts as a proxy to your existing APIs, and gives control over how data is retrieved. In this video, Jamie Barton explains how GraphQL Mesh can be used to transform your GraphQL query to the respective API, regardless of whether it is GraphQL, gRPC, Swagger, Postgres, or a non-typed API.