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Fixing 13 most common GraphQL Vulnerabilities to make your API production ready

With the increased adoption of GraphQL, the emphasis on security has also increased. Jens Neuse talks about 13 of the most common GraphQL security vulnerabilities and possible solutions in this article. The author further suggests that by rethinking your approach to GraphQL, you can ensure improved security along with other benefits.

GraphQL at PayPal: An Adoption Story

In this article, Shruti Kapoor explains the journey of Paypal in adopting GraphQL, the motivation behind the change and various challenges they faced along the way. Today, GraphQL is being used by several production apps across PayPal. It is now a default pattern to use GraphQL for building new UI apps, and many existing apps are in the process of migrating to GraphQL.

Lessons learned from running GraphQL at scale.

Dream11 is a fantasy sports platform with over 110 million users. Shrey Mehta and Kaushik Barodiya talk about adopting GraphQL to create a unified presentation layer for their back-end microservices in this very in-depth article. Follow along to understand many of the techniques they used to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks along with various other challenges.


Mocking Apollo GraphQL operations on Android

Mobile developers often need to mock incomplete API endpoints during development. Follow along with Nika Kurdadze to learn how to effectively mock GraphQL operations in the Android Apollo client using an HTTP Interceptor.


State of GraphQL | October 05, 2021

Keep up with advancements in GraphQL with this “State of GraphQL” panel. In this panel, you will hear from core contributors, GraphQL Foundation members, & more about upcoming releases, recent milestones, and community initiatives.