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How Skillshare moved to a federated GraphQL API

In 2018 Skillshare was struggling with performance and maintainability with their REST API, built as a PHP monolith. After attempting a rewrite in GraphQL, they finally settled for a federated approach. In this article, Justin Rodermond and Luis Aguilar from Skillshare talk about their journey through this process.

Reimagining data infrastructure and MES: The superiority of GraphQL

GraphQL has been debated endlessly in the world of web application development. Which is superior, REST API or GraphQL? Is it worth taking on the learning curve of a new query language for marginal gains in performance? When it comes to manufacturing data, the answer is a resounding YES. It is absolutely, unquestionably worth it. Follow along with this article to learn about ways in which GraphQL has the potential to create tremendous value in Manufacturing execution systems (MES).

GraphQL at MOIA — Here’s why we love it

At MOIA, the move towards GraphQL and Apollo Federation has helped to make their API more approachable and concise. However, the process was not frictionless. In this article, hear from the MOIA team about their journey to GraphQL Federation, the challenges they faced and the lessons learned.

Building federated GraphQL on AWS Lambda

Historically, IMDb uses a monolithic REST gateway system that serves clients. Over the years, it has become challenging to manage effectively. In this article, follow along with Krzysztof Lis to know how to build a federated GraphQL API on AWS Lambda.


Graph Data Visualization With GraphQL & react-force-graph

In this video, William Lyon will show you how to build an interactive graph data visualization using a GraphQL data source. You will use Next.js, Vercel, and the react-force-graph library to add a graph visualization of users, tags, and articles posted to a link aggregator website.