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Managing GraphQL at Scale

Bill Doerrfeld from DevOps.com takes a look at the current state of GraphQL adoption, and common issues when scaling your GraphQL APIs as well as how to address them.

Mock GraphQL Subscriptions with Laika

Bazyli Brzóska from the Zendesk engineering team takes a look at Laika, a new library that helps with testing, mocking, intercepting, and modifying Apollo Clients operations and how it can be used to help test GraphQL subscriptions.

Tools & Open Source

GraphQL-JS v16 is out!

A couple of days ago GraphQL-JS v16 was released. 🎉 It's a full rewrite in TypeScript and contains a ton of other new features and bug fixes! Overall 18 folks contributed to the new version.


GraphQL TypeScript

The "How To GraphQL" site has a new fully fleshed out tutorial on how to build an idiomatic GraphQL server with TypeScript and Prisma.


Modern GraphQL Crash Course - 2022

Laith Harb brings us a 3.5hrs long crash course on everything GraphQL. For those interested in more, this video is part of a longer course on Udemy.