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How Elsevier Piloted an Innovative Publication Process Quickly and Flexibly with Prisma

Elsevier is a global leader in information and analytics in scientific publishing and helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. With the help of Prisma, Elsevier is in the process of modernizing the scientific publishing process efficiently and with flexibility.

StepZen’s API management vision begins to take shape with free GraphQL tools

StepZen recently announced new free tooling to help simplify the management of GraphQL APIs. GraphQL Studio helps companies create a map of the various APIs your company uses, whereas their "GraphQL Federation" tool allows you to consolidate multiple APIs into a single graph.

AWS Amplify announces the new GraphQL Transformer v2. More feature-rich, flexible, and extensible.

AWS announced version 2 of their GraphQL Transformer tool, which allows for more explicit data modeling, includes a new authorization rule system, an improved OpenSearch integration, and a couple more interesting features.


GraphQL Union Types and GraphQL Tools

Jamie Barton is at it again and provides us with a tutorial on GraphQL union types and how to define them using GraphQL Tools.


GraphQL Contributor Days | Dec 7

This Dot and Hasura present GraphQL Contributor Days!, an event to not only give important updates to the community but also provide a forum for anyone using GraphQL to have direct access to core contributors and authors of various libraries and frameworks through live chat and an online broadcast.

GraphQL Galaxy | Dec 9 & 10

Want to know the future of the GraphQL ecosystem and get in touch with its stellar pros? Attend a 2-day conference on all things GQL, gathering thousands of international software engineers in the cloud on December 9-10.