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When to use multiple endpoints in GraphQL

GraphQL is all about having a single endpoint to query the data, but there are situations where it makes sense to instead have multiple endpoints, where each custom endpoint exposes a customized schema. This article explains how to identify those situations and what some of the advantages and drawbacks are.

Tools & Open Source


Supabase recently released their "pg_graphql" extension, which allows you to query your existing PostgreSQL database via GraphQL without any additional work. The API is based on your existing database schema and you don't need to run any additional servers. It is pre-alpha software, so you might not yet want to use it for your production services.

Strapi v4

Strapi announced version 4 of their headless CMS, which allows you to customize and extend your API as well as the admin panel via plugins, improves performance, and reworked the core of the service to make it easier and faster to ship new features in the future. Oh, and it also includes a fantastic new look.


Remix & GraphQL Request

Discover how to fetch data on the server with Remix loaders, and link between pages using the Remix Web Framework.


GraphCDN "GraphQL 2021" Survey

The GraphCDN team is conducting a survey on your GraphQL usage, any challenges you face today, which tools you're using and how they can help solve some of those challenges. When participating, you can win swag worth over $250, including an Ember mug to keep the coffee warm!