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Yelp Schema Design Guidelines

Yelp released their GraphQL Schema Design Guidelines, which are a great source of recommendations and best practices for others to follow when designing their GraphQL schema.

Saleor - a GraphQL-first open-source e-commerce platform

Over on the GraphQL Editor blog, Michał provides us with an introduction to Saleor, an open-source, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform that gives you all the flexibility you need when diving into your next e-commerce project.

Tools & Open Source

Introducing the new Relay compiler

With the v13 release candidates of Relay the team also included a new, Rust-based compiler, offering nearly 5x better performance than the previous Javascript-based version. If you're interested in why Relay has a compiler in the first place, and what the goals with the new implementation are, read on.

Neo4j GraphQL Aggregations

The recent Neo4j GraphQL 2.4.0 release included support for autogenerated aggregation queries, which allow you to retrieve statistics about your nodes, relationships, and their properties in your graph.


Metered GraphQL API usage billing with Stripe

In this week's installment of graphql.wtf Jamie explains how to implement usage-based billing for your GraphQL API via Stripe.