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Response to “GraphQL is not meant to be exposed over the internet”

Marc-André shares his response and concern with recent articles that argued that GraphQL APIs shouldn't be exposed publicly. No matter where you stand on this argument, his response is a fantastic read.

There and Back Again: GraphQL at strongDM

Evan shares strongDMs journey to GraphQL, some pitfalls they encountered, and lessons learned during that process.

The Graph Foundation Awards $48M Grant to The Guild to Join The Graph as a Core Developer

It was hard to miss, but "The Guild" received a USD 48 million grant and will join The Graph Foundation as a core developer. Read more about this via their official announcement.

Tools & Open Source

Trace — For GraphQL query tracing at the resolver level

If your GraphQL server is based on Express and you're looking for additional query performance monitoring or tracing, take a look at Trace, a fairly new OSS library to do just that.


GraphQL Galaxy 2021 Recordings

GitNation is in the process of making the GraphQL Galaxy 2021 recordings available via Youtube. If you missed (some of) the talks and want to watch them now, here's your chance. Topics range from caching to security, clients, and a ton more.

GraphQL Contributor Days | December 2021 Recording

And to continue with conference recordings, the recording for GraphQL Contributor Days December 2021 is now available as well and super interesting to watch. At 2.5 hours it's the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. 😊